Chapter 2

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Aizawa POV

"So what do you want to do now since we are together now?"
"I want to snuggle but the class is thinking we are fighting" Izuku said.


"We can do that later right now let's see if we can even fight one another so the class doesn't get to suspicious."

"But before that..." *kisses Izuku.

Izuku's POV

He kisses me and I kissed back almost immediately. What in the world have I yet to deserve him.

"Ok Izu we have to fight now" "O-ok"

~~~~~~~~~~~after the fight~~~~~~~~~~

"Hah it looks like you won this time" "oh come on Izu that was to easy" "I know but I want to snuggle even more now" "Izu please let us do that later we have to go back to the class now"

I know dating your teacher is not good because the school is against it but. I think me and Aizawa can keep it a secret so I won't get kicked out of school and for my love to get fired.

We went to the classroom again and at least it was almost lunch time but I don't want to leave Aizawa alone but I know I will have to.

>>>>>>>>>>>at lunch<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I was sitting with the deku squad eating until Uraraka asked me a question.

Uraraka underlined and izuku bold while Iida is italicized

So deku have you ever like someone before

Um ya why do you ask

Because I need your help to ask someone out on a date but not make it seem like one

Well it depends on who you like

Sorry but I don't want to tell you

Why it will make this easy to know if I know who you like

He dose have a point Uraraka San

I know but I do not want to confess to him right now

So he is at the table?

Umm yes

So we know it is a he and we all know you don't like todoroki in a love way so it could be me or Midorya.

How about we tell eachother our crush name

*thinks* shit what do I do.
Or we can do something else


How about tell eachother our sexuality and if we are single or not

Good idea

Me first I am bisexual and I am single now you deku.

I am gay and I have a boyfriend sorry Uraraka if you do or did like me

It is ok so now you Iida kun

I am straight and I am single and want to keep it like that until maybe next year

------------------with Aizawa---------------------

So Aizawa POV

When Izuku was at lunch all I could think of is what happened earlier. Why did he want to snuggle me so much is it his way to tell me he loves me because if so it was very cute. I should take him to my place for a day or two since today is Friday and they did live in the dorms.

All I want to do now is kiss him again but why is the question. Is it because his lips are soft or is it because I like the whole thing in general? What ever the reason is I have to try not to think about him much before my member becomes hard. Hmm why is All Might staring at me?

Aizawa in bold and All Might in italicized

Hey why are you starting at me?

Well you have not said anything yet today so I was wondering what you were thinking about

Nothing much why you ask any way?

One you were blushing and you were not moving

Well don't worry about me


-------After school and Izuku POV--------

I stayed back a little after the bell rang because I felt like Aizawa wanted to tell me something. I was the only one left in the classroom that was only as in student wise. "So I have a filling you want to tell me Aiza"

"In fact I do Izu so want to stay with me for two nights?" "Well ok but I need to get somethings and then I will meet you in the front of the dorm if that is ok with you" "yes it is Izu"

No one's POV

As deku gets his things and down stairs he was glad no one notice him. The pair went to Aizawa's home and got in it before anyone even see them which they were glad about.

Deku's POV

When we got in and locked the door I notice how big but not to big the house was. "Wow you have a nice place and now I really want to snuggle with you" "Ok izu and do you want to watch a movie while we are snuggling?"


"Yes can we?" "Of course Izu"

Aizawa POV

When we where snuggleing and watching the movie an hour of watching it to be peculiar. As I was looking at Izu I had a feeling I should take him to my room so we can go to bed so I did just that.

I got into bed next to Izu and before I fell asleep I kissed him on the forehead. I hope one day we can start a family and not hide that we are dating and one day also be married.

Izuku's POV and in his dream

"Hey babe I need to tell you something." "What is it Izu babe?" "We are going to be parents!""Wow that is great Izu thanks for making us going to have children."

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