The meeting

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When I was about 19 years old I meet a man, his name was Dominic, we met on a kink website I don't know why I was on it I just kinda liked the idea or maybe I was Bored or lonely or lacking purpose I don't know.
Our relationship started surprisingly normal, he was, well he was nice. We went for lunch, coffee and on walks after a short while a week maybe even a few days of meeting up we started having sex and it escalated very quickly going from bondage to full time sexual slavery... we never had "boring" sex and I loved it.
When he touched me it was like I didn't need to worry or think because he was in control he would do what he wanted anything he wanted to me and my body.
My life had always been a mess my family, my old friends. He took all that way from me the stress he took my choices away freeing me owning me.

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