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   After washing the nasty guck out of her hair which took her almost an hour for her to feel completely sanitized she came out of the shower to see Hope laying on her bed frowning. "Landon hates me." She said and Kayden frowned.

    "Trust me. I know Landon. And he doesnt hate you." Kayden said to her sitting on her bed and Hope looked at her.

   "I treated him like crap. He's dealt with it for so long and I just added onto it by doing what I did today." She said "I thought I'd feel fine because he hurt me. He deserved it." She whispered.

   "Hope. I burned Landon today on accident." She told her and Hope sat up frowning

   "Thats why he was holding onto his hand." Hope said and Kayden nodded.

    "I know you're upset because Landon lied to you. Twice. In one day. But he's been through shit already. And he's been trying to make amends with you. Maybe you should finally forgive him." She said to her "Try. Landon really does care for you." She smiled gently and sighed. "I'm going to go talk to Josie."

   "What happened between you and MG?" Hope asked and Kayden raised a brow.

    "I mean.. MG is cute yeah." She said "But Josie has... I don't know" Kayden smiled widely to herself. "There is something about her." Kayden whispered and thought about the kiss they shared before blushing.

   "You have a crush on Josie." Hope said smiling widely in awe of her.

   "Yeah. But I have to be careful around her." Kayden whispered looking at Hope. "I have this habit of hurting people when I'm upset." She said softly frowning and Hope understood. Kayden sighed before sitting on Hopes bed looking down at her hands.

   "What's up?" Hope asked and Kayden frowned looking at her sighing.

    "My brother." Kayden whispered to her "I almost killed my brother." She said to Hope. "A year before I disappeared, I discovered the fire powers in class. Luckily I didn't harm anyone and it was science so they thought electrical spark."

   "Oh Kayden..." Hope whispered frowning at her.

    "I grew distant. Like I am doing now with Landon and Raf. I couldn't hurt them and I got out of control when I was angry. Burning literally anything I touched. I was scared of harming them so I hid. I asked my foster family for a deep freezer. Told them it will keep me calm and as weird as they thought it was. They bought it." She said to her as Hope listened intently.

   "Anytime I was angry I stayed in there until I cooled down. Literally. It worked. But Raf noticed my distance from him. He wasn't happy. Extremely angry and we got in a fight." She told her and Hope teared up. "He said some things and I smacked him. And once one Waithe gets angry. It won't be long for the other one to get angry. He was destroying stuff and punching the wall." She whispered "he kept pushing me. Gripping my arms and shaking me throwing me down. Landon tried to stop but he only got pushed back. When Rafael went to hit me. To blinded with his anger I lost control and I gripped his arm burning him harshly." She admitted and Hope grabbed Kayden's hand.

   "Its okay Kayden that was the past." She whispered and Kayden shook her head.

   "I didn't want to hurt him. He wasn't a wolf then. He couldnt just heal and I had an advantage." She cried "I was so terrified and so was Rafael and Landon. I ran out." She said to her. "I hurt him so badly Hope. The look on his face. I could never forget it. I was a full danger to him. To everyone and I don't even know what the hell I am." She mumbled sighing.

   "Kayden, your brother was going to hurt you. You did it to protect yourself." Hope said "That doesn't make you a monster. And guess what everyone here is a danger too. To themselves and to others." She said and Kayden sniffled "That doesn't make you horrible. You did what you did to protect yourself from him." She whispered.

   "Raf doesn't remember it happening. Neither does Landon. I don't want them too. Even though I have to tell Landon." She sighed frowning "That's all I can tell for now." She said to Hope and Hope nodded smiling softly.

   "Thank you for opening up to me." Hope said softly and Kayden nodded gently.

   "Well we managed to get closer within the past few days. I think it was only a matter of time before I did." She whispered and got up. "I'm going to go see Landon." She said to her.

   "What happened to Josie?" Hope asked as Kayden walked to the door.

   "I can see Josie tomorrow. I need to come clean to him. It's the only way he'll ever accept an apology." She said to her and Hope nodded before Kayden left the room closing the door behind her. She walked all the way to Rafael and Landons room. She stood before the door hesitantly lifting her hand.

  "Raf stop. Let me go." Kayden shouted

   "Why are you being so distant?!" He shouted at her. "You're turning into our parents. It's only a matter of time before you abandon Landon and I."

"He won't react like Rafael, Kayden." The voice whispered in her head. "Just knock."

  Kayden looked at the door before frowning and knocking on it. It took a few moments before the door opened revealing Landon. "Hey. Can we talk?" She asked whispered and Landon frowned at her.

   "Depends. Will you tell me why you were acting different the past few days?" He asked and Kayden sighed before nodding gently.

   "Yeah.." She whispered and Landon opened the door all the way letting Kayden in. She went over to Rafaels bed and sat there.

  "So..." Landon said waiting for an explanation.

    "You can't tell Raf what I'm about to tell you." She whispered "You guys don't remember and Raf will hold a burden on himself and never forgive what happened the night before I disappeared for two years." She told him and Landon frowned before Kayden finally came clean about everything that happened well up until she left. Landon felt his heart stop before tearing up. "And today, was just a repeat except with you. And it won't be long until Raf notices the distance and my powers are growing every day." She admitted "And if that happens-"

   "It won't happen." Landon whispered going over and hugging her tightly as Kayden sobbed in his arms hugging Landon back. "I'll make sure it doesn't." He told her running his hands through her hair.

   "Saltzman is trying to help me figure out what I am. Until then, I have to practice my powers so I can gain control of it." She said to him. "And I'm sorry about your hand. It was an accident."

   "I know Kayden. You'd never hurt me on purpose. You never do no matter how angry you get." He said "Thank you for telling me the truth." He smiled softly wiping her tears. "We'll figure out what we are together. Okay?" He whispers and Kayden nodded smiling at him before hugging him again.

  Rafael came in and stopped pausing "whats wrong Kayden?" Rafael went up to her and Kayden cleared her throat.

  "Well. I was telling Landon about the big scary spider and cried again." She lied wiping her tears and Rafael hugged her kissing her head.

   "Don't worry sis. The spider is gone. If you want you can sleep with us tonight. That always makes you feel better" He offered. Kayden wanted to decline but she looked at Landon then at Rafael before nodding.

   "Yeah." She smiled softly. "I'd love that Raffie." She whispered and Landon smiled softly seeing she's trying to include herself.

  That night Kayden for once laid peacefully clinging to her brother. She could worry about the knife another day. Right now, she wanted to be with him and her foster brother. She curled into Raf before he wrapped an arm around her protectively and they slept peacefully. For once, no nightmares.

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