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I walked into the dance studio my mom owned, in a white Nike t-shirt and a random pair of black leggings. Today was my first day as a dance teacher and I'm very excited.

"Hey Chelsea," I said as I walked into the studio. I had been dancing there since I started dancing, two years old.

"Good afternoon, Bri," Chelsea said, looking up from her computer, "Your mom told me to tell you that your studio will be studio six."

"Thank you, have a nice day," I said, smiling.

When I got to studio six, I set down my duffle bag and pulled out my pair of ballet shoes. I had about thirty minutes until the students and their parents started arriving, so I started to do some barre exercises while I wait.


When the parents and their kids started arriving, I opened the door to the room and put on the best smile I could while little girls wandered into the room. Once I was sure everyone got here I started to talk.

"Hello everyone! I'm Miss Bri and I'll be your ballet teacher for this year. I'm sure your all excited to be starting ballet," I said, looking towards the little girls.

"And as for the parents, if this is your first time at this studio, I can assure you that it is a safe environment. I, as a matter of fact, have been dancing at this studio since I was two, so I do know from experience. You are welcome to sit in the chairs outside of the studio and watch or you can drop you child off and come get them when class ends," I explained.

I looked around at the parents as I spoke. As I finished, I finally looked at the last parent. He looked to be about 25, he has dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and an amazing, muscular physique. Stop, Bri! He's probably married, I thought.

"Alright, let's get started!" I said enthusiastically, even though I wasn't that enthusiastic.

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