One Night Stand Part 1

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Just say Pranpriya Manoban Or Lalisa Manoban,everyone in the clubs will know her even the new peoples. Lisa was known as one of the best one night stand patner in the club. Three of her friends already stopped the activities and got married to their regular customers but not to Lisa. For her,one night stand job will always be her favourite job. She's not an idiot,she's always make sure that her sex patner will wear the protection. Moan was heard through the room,Lisa was doing her job again and now it's one of her favourite customer.

"Lisa.. It's co-coming.." Lisa pushed his body before he could release his seed in her.

"Wear the protection idiot..." Lisa said to him. He bit his lower lips and start doing his devilious job on her again and once again it's without the protection. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul,the richest man in Thailand was doing his great job on Lisa. No one know how much he really wanted to get Lisa but she always playing hard to get.

"Ten... Stop it.."

"I wont.." He started to kissed her. He lock her hand with his hand.

"Ten. Stop!!" Lisa started to get annoyed with Ten. But that's him. He wont stop doing his job on her. Not until he released his seed in her and brag to everyone that he's the one that managed to released his seed inside of her.

"TEN!!!" He's ignoring the way she scream for his name. He started to have a sex with her again without her permission. He forced her to do the sex with him. Lisa tried to release herself from him but Ten was too strong for her. He pump his member inside of her roughly. Lisa's tears were falling to her cheeks. She tried to beg him to stop but Ten didnt listened to her this time.

"Arhhhhhh.." Ten bit his lower lips and release all his seed inside of her and smirk. Lisa has lost the battle. She has lost it. She should never play with Ten. She has played with a big fire this time. Not only forced her to had a sex with him,he also throw out all the pills.

"For nine month... You have to carry my child baby girl..." Lisa glared at him. Her eyes fill with the hatred this time. She hate him. Lisa hate Ten Leechaiyapornkul. She will never. Will never carrying his baby in her. Even if she carry him. She will abort the baby. But who knows that Lisa will never succeed to abort the baby as Ten really provided someone to look after her for nine months.

"You carrying my baby and i will pay for it.." Ten throws some money on the table. Lisa look at the money before she take it.

"Just think that you will have your baby Ten.."

"Stay with me for nine months then i will let you go and never disturbed you anymore."

"GREAT!" On that day,Lisa did move out from her small apartment to Ten's big mansion. Lisa cant closed her mouth when she saw his mansion. It's too big and she wondered how he could live alone in this big mansion.

"I want your service tonight Lisa..." Ten whispered to her. Lisa smirk and pulled his hands and lead him to his bedroom.

"You are pretty tonight Lisa..." Ten started to kiss her neck. Lisa was giggling everytime Ten kiss her neck. He left a small mark on her neck and slip.his hand under her dress and play around her flat belly. Lisa was moaning softly. Ten turned her body to face him and started to kiss her. He lead them to his bed and pushed her on the bed. Lisa willingly to take off her dress while Ten take of his shirt. He hop on the bed and lock her under his body. He spread her legs and shoved his members inside of her. He roughly pump his members inside of her and release his seed for a couple of times before he lay himself beside her and hug her tightly. Ten was lying when he said that he will let Lisa go from his life. He will never able to do that. He has fallen for her. Fallen for her too hard and Lisa didnt know about it. He look at her while she was sleeping.

"If you know the truth. Will you accept the truth?"Ten asked while rubbed her cheeks softly. When Lisa woke up he pretend to sleep.

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