Chapter 7

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Because you are mine.....

Feeling my heartbeat quicken I pulled away from him. Who does he think he is? We don't know each other and now he's saying I was his.

"I'm not yours Blaze. I am my own person" I said sternly folding my arms across my chest. I had to get out of this room and away from him.

Watching the smirk pull onto his face made me want to punch him. "That's where you're wrong sweets. You can run all you want but you know I'll find you and bring you back to where you belong".

"I don't belong here" I yelled letting my arms drop "You can't keep me here".

"Stop fighting it darlin'. I know you want me just as much as I want you. All you have to do is say it and you'll be my old lady just like your supposed to be".

What the hell. He had lost it..!

"I'm not fighting anything" I screamed "I don't want to be your old lady and I certainly don't want to be here. Why don't you go share your bullshit with someone that wants to hear it. Plenty of whores out there that can do the job because I'm not interested. Now if you'll excuse me" I said walking past him and out the door.

I was surprised he didn't follow.

Storming through the clubhouse I made my way outside. Letting out a scream of frustration I ran to his bike and pushed it over. Stupid freaking asshole. Running my hands through my hair I took a look around me. There it was, sitting outside near the gates was my car.

"Was that you?".

Feeling the frown take over my face I looked at my mom. She looked so much younger and happier here. The reaction she gave me growing up was that she hated my dad with a passion. Was that all a front?

"Why did you make me believe that you hated him?" I asked folding my arms over my chest.

"Why did you knock over Blazes bike?"

Great we were back to her ignoring my questions and trying to change the subject.

"Because he's a fucking asshole" I yelled "He thinks I'm his. The guys nuts".

"Ava calm down" She said approaching me "Come back to your party" Placing her hand on my arm I shrugged it off.

"No mom you go back to the party and I'll go home".

"Ava we ca-"

"I'm going home" I said cutting her off "You can come back with me or you can stay here. I don't care any more but I will not be staying here. I came here to see him again and now I wished I hadn't. That man in there is not my dad anymore. He's not the man that was there when I was little. That in there is a monster. I'm a grown women mom and I want to make a good living for myself. I will not ruin all my hard work by being involved with what they do". Feeling my heart thud through my chest I looked at her to see she had began to cry.

"I-I can't leave him again" She sobbed

"You don't have to" I whispered taking her hand in mine causing her to look at me.

"What do you mean Ava?". 

"Stay here mom. He's obviously a better man with you by his side" I spoke

"You cant go home on your own Ava. What if something happens to you?" She whispered wiping at her eyes.

"I love and respect you mom. I always have and always will but I need to go home. I don't belong here and I never will. Please don't make me feel guilty about going home" I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat.

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