05 - Farces

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Right before the knife could cut her shirt to pieces, Erebus intervened. He pushed her backwards while a black smoke was surrounding them and a moment later the substance had pulled the weapon into the darkness. 

Dazed, Phobos stared forward. She still didn't understand what had happened. As always when she was using her gift, she had struggled through the wood of memories, looking for deep fears, for unresolved trauma's. 

And all of a sudden, she had seen herself, wearing an ivory wedding dress covered in blood. No longer paying attention to the man, she lifted the hem of her shirt. Her fingers stroked the scar of which she had never remembered its origin. 

This was the first thing she discovered about herself. She squeezed her eyes for a moment, lowering her shirt again. None of this was making sense. Had this Shades guy been with her? She could still feel his panic, his pain. Still she didn't believe that she shared a past with such a cold blooded murderer. Had he powers too? Could he arm himself against her searches by creating memories involving her? 

But he had called her Norah, just like Morpheus.

Not only did that mean that Morhepus had really known things about her that he had always kept from her; it also meant that this guy really knew her.

"What do you want us to do? You ordered us to stop." Erebus nudged her shoulder to pull her out of her musings. She shook off the thoughts. Shades' wrists were crossed on his back, being held together with glass cuffs made by Psamathe. He would be able to break them by hitting them against the wall, but there was quite a chance he would cut his own wrists and bleed to death. 

"He knows who I am," she said in a raspy voice. "I was in his memories."

Shades yanked his face back when she lifted her hand, but her fingers curled around his sun glasses nevertheless and she pulled them away, revealing his confused eyes. She saw someone who didn't know what to believe, who probably thought that she was pulling a trick on him. A feeling he had given her too a moment ago. 

Now she however noted that his confusion was sincere. 

As soon as he seemed to realize what the look in his eyes was telling them, his glance became cold and his face harsh. He said not a single world; instead he kept staring at her as if he wanted to force her to look away. 

Although she could feel the man's darkness, the many deaths that were on his conscience, she felt no fear. 

"Then we'll take him. We'll make him talk and then we'll kill him," Erebus said on a growl. He moved his face closer to hers and whispered: "He killed Athena."

She snapped her head to the side. The man had sucked up all her attention; not for a moment she had thought about her friend. A few meters away she was lying in the doorway, a bullet hole in her forehead, the tattoos on her body stilled forever. Her shoulders tensed.

When she turned her face back, there was not the slightest hint of remorse in his dark eyes. Flippantly, he lifted the corner of his mouth. "You can't blame me for trying to protect myself against four of these... beasts."

She gritted her teeth. If his mocking was showing her one thing, it was that he wouldn't use their shared history to get out alive. 

"Take him," she spoke in a dark tone to Erebus. "Before the cops are all over this place."

"To where?"

She shrugged her shoulders. None of them had a place of their own, nobody knew this place at all. "He probably has a villa somewhere."

"A penthouse, actually." Again his lips curled up. "With a view that you'd love." 

She clenched her jaws. There was something about his attitude that was really getting on her nerves. Despite the fact that he was cuffed and surrounded by three people with supernatural powers, he still created the impression that he was the one who was in control. It could be a farce, but there was also a chance that he had a sinister back-up plan.

"Where?" she asked him shortly. 

With a blank face he summed up the address, without taking his intense gaze off her. 

"Fine." With a grunt, Erebus turned the man around so he could no longer look at Phobos. There after they both disappeared into the shadows.

Phobos turned around, massaging her temples where pressure was building up. She glanced at the body of her friend. 

"We have to get her out of here," she muttered. "Whoever locked us up all those years; I'm sure they have eyes everywhere and will discover where her body was found."

Psamathe nodded. By moving her hands, she let a sand tornado spin around Athena's body, lifting her from the ground. 

Now they still needed to leave this place without being seen – with a sand tornado while the police could storm inside any moment. And the only person who could have made them invisible, had just disappeared.

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