Part 1

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Savannahs POV

Second semester of varsity , I dont know what to expect . New friends maybe , more Friday night parties and of course more workload . As if architecture isn't hard enough .

I have to deal with crappy lectures ,and it gets worse the only reason I'm here is because my parents decided to ship me off to school .

So they "travel the world " and I qoute .I have to admit though varsity has its pros,like Pierson Fode . He is the only reason ,besides my  bestie who makes me tolerate this place

Anyway Pierson or as I like to call him  daddy  ,but only in my head though . He's a lecturer and best part I'm in one of his classes .

He's 22 ,I know perfect age . I'm 19 ,three years difference who's counting .


I'm staying in an apartment my parents are paying for . Now I know what you're thinking , she's a spoilt brat , trust me I'm not . Not even half the crap my parents buy I ask for .

I stay with my bestie Bee . She's quite the bookworm between the two of us and if course she loves food  ,me on  the other hand . Get me a hot guy , food , YouTube I'm good to go .

"How are  you feeling about today ?" Bee asks fixing her hair infront of the mirror . She never brushes it because she's cool like that .

" It's school I feel like shit" i reply grabbing a donut from the fridge ." Can't wait to see Pierson though " I say in a dreamy voice .

" Obviously " she replies ." Now hurry Let's go " she says grabbing her car Keys " your car today right" I ask " yep" we walk out of the house.

She's in a black hoodie a pair of pants and her white converse . I'm wearing my black ripped jeans , white t-shirt with an oversized jacket and a pair of Levi's .

We get into her mustang and drive off . We both sing along to Halseys songs . We unfortunately arrive at the place I like to call hell , varsity.

We get out if the car and examine everything . Well the  building is  still the same. Urgh and Mikayla lecturer's pet . she's always hated me why , I don't know .

Myself and Bee go our separate ways ,we don't take the same course ." See you at lunch !" Bee says from a distance .

"Sure " I sigh and enter the building and boom , there he is . Pierson Fode  . I feel like melting on the spot , but I can't let him see me like that ..

I fix myself and walk past avoiding eye contact with him .

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