Part 12

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My eyes opened, the throbbing pain in my head making me lean my head back. I slowly sniffed the air, a calming smell of cherry blossoms filled my nose as I stared into her beautiful eyes " hi "
She muttered, I could see the discomfort in her eyes as she looked at me, and I knew it was because of me...

" ohhhh myyyy gooooddddd "
" oh my god "
" oh my god "
I turned my head looking at a curly haired boy, I recognised him from my pack but I didn't remember his name. The only thing that was running through my mind was why was he with my mate.

" we need to free him, my god Alex we can be killed for this! " Alex...I loved hearing her name, even thinking of it made my heart beat faster. I hated myself, hated myself for thinking like this about a human, but hated myself more for what I did to her....
" you do know " I spoke my first words drawing the attention to me, my mouth was dry and my words felt cracked " I can brake out of these easily "

" no you can't " Alex sighed
" we sedated you moron, we wouldn't be here if you weren't " I stared at her, and just stared. I couldn't take my eyes off her, it reminded me of the first time I laid my eyes on her


I slowly slipped the warm coffee as I listened to the chatter of my closest friend, he muttered some words as he carried on speaking. I turned my head and I zoned out of the conversation and watched the by passers on the street.
I could feel butterflies in my stomach, I didn't know why but I just continued staring out the window as if I knew what to look for

That's when she popped up, coming out of a store her long brown locks flew through the wind as she continued laughing while on the phone. I couldn't take my eyes off her, it was as if no one else was around but her...but that's when I realised, she didn't see me, she didn't sense me...she smelt like a human

" Gray! " I turned my head
" you alright dude what's the matter ? "

- -

I was angry with the world for giving me a human mate, for thinking that I needed a weak other half...but I could see she wasn't, she escaped my pack twice, she's not scared of me even after what I did to her-
" oi! " I snapped out of my thoughts as I looked back at Alex, a glare lit in her eyes and pointed at me " will you stop zoning out " she rolled her eyes

" right Grayson or whatever you're name is, I have a proposition for you " I tilted my head and smirked " what would that be little mate " she looked at me slightly stunned but scoffed
" don't call me that "
" you let me and Alice go-" no " I interrupted her and shook my head " yes-"no"

" you are my mate Alex, you belong to me and Alice belongs to her mate. I can't change the fact that he might not want her " I explained and took a deep breath " but, you belong with me "


I stared at him, unsure of how to respond. I turned to Will who raised his eyebrow at me
" and you "
I turned back to Grayson who was glaring at Will " little pup " he snarled making Will back up, I could see his body tremble " leave "

I rolled my eyes as I saw Will scatter out back into the shop and I turned back to Grey " you locked me in a dirty cell for months " I spoke as he looked at me, his smirk lowered " alone, cold and missing my family "

" so the audacity of you to say that I belong with you! " I suddenly snapped nearing him, he looked at me slightly surprised " is a kick in the fucking face "
" ale-" I didn't let him finish before I left, I walked into the store ignoring Grey screaming my name

" you should leave soon love, the mix won't last for too long especially on an alpha " I nodded at Lucy and got my bag, I looked at Will and he smiled and me slightly as we both left the store


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