Chapter 32: Lunch... Is Ready

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'Look, my zesty little Zucchini! You're even beautiful as a small, grainy silhouette! How do you do that?'

'Genetics,' Elizabeth shrugged, her chin resting on her partner's head as she peered down at the paper on the table before him.

'Well, you were right.... We are staring on the front page,' Jackson murmured, stealing the paper for himself.

Ryn glanced at it, as he brought it closer, curiously observing the photograph. 

It was split into two distinct images. The right depicted the nine of them, standing in the empty courtyard, taken the exact moment that the hulking form of Colt had turned to snarl at the camera. Even from a distance, he looked positively terrifying. 

The left portrayed the distinct silhouette of a giant scorpion, perched upon the rooftop of the Great Hall, with its rider standing boldly astride its back.

Jackson read out the headline.

'"Monsters Amongst Us? Annual Scorp Tech Presentation Turns To Chaos". Hey, look at that.... Colt even made it into the headline...'

'Hilarious,' Colt drawled from the kitchen area, where he and Kiley were preparing lunch.

'I don't think Scorp Tech has managed a week without staring itself on the Zenith front page... if I didn't hear what the Silver Scorpion had to say about them, yesterday, then I'd have suspected this to be some kind of publicity stunt,' Elizabeth chewed at her bottom lip.

'That'd be one hell of a publicity stunt,' Jackson scoffed outrageously. 'Murder your own C.E.O., then release a psychopath upon the city all for the sake of spreading the word? I don't think so. They'd hardly need it. There's not a country left in the world who hasn't heard of Scorp Tech...'

'They'd gain nothing from it,' Colt added. 'And Scorp Tech doesn't do anything for nothing. There has to be another motive behind the Silver Scorpion's attacks.'

'He said something, the night he murdered Gregory. The CEO,' Ryn spoke up, earning curious stares from everyone at the table. Even Kiley and Colt glanced her way from across the room.

'What... what kind of something?' Toni frowned.

Her eyes narrowed down at the table, trying to recall exactly what it was that she'd heard.

'You cannot give me what I want, Gregory! You took her from me! You took her and now she's gone!'
'That was an accident! You know it was an accident!'
'An accident that should never have happened! But you let it happen, didn't you? You let it happen and she paid the price for your mistake. Now, Gregory... it's your turn to pay.'

'I think he used to work at Scorp Tech. He kept on mentioning some accident, and Gregory knew exactly what he was talking about. He didn't mention any names, but he kept on talking about "her".... I don't know anything for sure, but... whatever happened, I think this accident killed someone close to him. And he blames Scorp Tech for it. Obviously, seeing as the rest of the city worships them, he's taking it out on the people, too...'

There was a heavy silence hanging about the room after that, lasting for several stretched-out moments.

'And you didn't think to tell us about this before?' Jasper rose an eyebrow, sitting across from her.

She bit her lip, glancing up at him bashfully. 'To be honest, I've been trying not to think about that night at all.'

'Who could he have lost, though, to have driven him into a state of insanity such as this one?' Elizabeth's brows were furrowed together. 'Who is this mysterious "her"?'

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