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i placed my bag on the floor, tying up my ponytail and started studying.

i was scared that my results were not that good, i have high expectations of myself, though-

my parents called me yesterday and asked me about school stuff, relationships and friends, and i told them about bakugou...

which they were freaking excited about it-

they will be coming on spring break, meaning that i will be seeing them next month. they will probably stay at the hotel and wandered around the city.

*boom boom boi send you a message*

i giggled, tapping the notification;

boomboomboi: "fuck my life, i fucking miss you."

yunnie: sry, studying now bby <3

boomboomboi: fuck u, study is for the weak

yunnie: bye

boomboomboi: tch, just kidding

yunnie: ...i will eat with u tmr, okay?

boomboomboi: whatever

i put my phone aside and took my pastel highlighter to highlight the important points, it was cute that bakugou actually texted me that, saying that he misses me.

he was too embarrassed to do so-

*boom boom boi send you a message*

boomboomboi: see u tmr nerd

boomboomboi: fuck u

boomboomboi: it's not like i really want to see u

boomboomboi: okay fine. meet me at the cafeteria tmr.

yunnie: yea yea, okay babe <3

boomboomboi: tch, stupid 🐻

"what the hell!!!" i pressed my head on the textbook and started laughing and screaming like some crazy-ass woman.

can't help but smile, i just can't-

just then, uraraka opened the door, as usual, yawning and blaming about her lecturer; which she didn't have a chance to take a break.

but today, she brought two friends along.

"hey yun hee, this is mina and jiro! they will be using the other room beside us as the other two boys left last week."

i stood up and shook their hands, "i am yun hee! nice to meet you guys!" i smiled.

"yeah! uraraka told us that you are a good roommate, i am glad!!!" mina said, as she gave me a friendly hug, oh god she was cute-

"jiro here, nice to meet you too." she smiled politely.

uraraka gave them the keys and told them about the rules and regulations about this house, which they nodded and put their belongings in their room.

"i saw you laughing like a crazy psycho, yun hee." she giggled and took a chair, sitting beside me.

"are you seeing someone?" she asked.

wait, i didn't expect that she will...you know? asking this kind of question?! she leaned towards me, her big round eyes sparkled and she giggled-

"oi, okay okay! i am dating someone!" i laughed.

"what??! whooo???!!!!" uraraka squealed as she gripped my hand tightly, well she was excited-

"...bakugou..." i blushed, but still laughing because of what had happened just now, bakugou was so cute, he wanted to see me but he was too shy to ask for it.

"oh my, yun hee, i am proud of you," she smirked and unzipped her bag, taking out chocolate bars and gave it to me.

"thanks, dumbass."

"hey!" she pouted.

"so how's the thing going on with midoriya boy?" this time i was the one who smirked and uraraka was blushing madly.

"midoriya was asking her to be his study partner!!!" mina shouted from another room and uraraka hide her face, not wanting to look at me. her face was all red.

"oops, guess i was loud." i patted her shoulder but still laughing at her reactions.

"dang it! jiro was laughing now!" uraraka exclaimed.

uraraka then told me about midoriya, which he was the one who took the first move and asked her, and she kinda accepts the offer. she even told me that midoriya stuttered when she was talking to her, which was odd because he was usually confident in everything.

yeah, based on uraraka's perception-

"he likes you, text him and say you like him back. but do you even have his phone number?!" i said.


"yes!!!! he freaking gave her his phone number!!!" mina shouted again.

"oh shut up mina!!!!" she covered her ears and pouted at me, "why do you talk so loud, yun hee..."

i shook my head while smiling at her, opening the wardrobe and choose something to wear.

"i am hungry...uraraka...let's go eat dinner, and oh, tell them to join as well."

uraraka nodded and i smirked.

"because i wanted to know more about you and that midoriya boy."

"oh, shut up!!!!!"


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