Calm The Fire: 143

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Silence. Silence wasn't a normal thing, well at least not now considering the amount of people who seemed to make Erebor their home.

Náriel was standing in a corridor tapping a finger to her chin in thought. Gandalf had left to attend to some other business or rather. In truth she hadn't wholly paid attention. They had earlier found Radagast and the three had spent quite some time together before the two Wizards parted ways.

But from them leaving her, it just bought her to her predicament. Being alone in a corridor, in the early evening, at a loss.

“Oh come on,” Náriel muttered irritably. Looking over her shoulder she looked back to the corridor in front of her. Shrugging she continued on her way. She may as well unpack the things she bought with her from Mirkwood.

Hearing whispered voices coming from a room, she leant close to the door and narrowed her eyes. Reaching up and knocking she couldn't help but roll her eyes and smirk. Wincing when there were sounds of tumbling she looked to the crack which just appeared between the door and the door frame.

“Náriel!” Kíli said happily with a large smile. “When did you get back?”

“What are you doing?”

“Sleeping.” He answered shiftily.

Náriel rubbed a hand to her forehead and shut her eyes. “I arrived back earlier on.” She replied, she looked at him quizzically. “This isn't your room.”

“Oh, know where my room is, hm?” He smirked and then yelped when something impacted against his head. Náriel merely raised an eyebrow when Kíli's form disappeared and was replaced by his brother.

“Náriel, fancy seeing you here. How are you? How was your journey? What can we help you with?” Fíli asked with a smile.

“Look,” Náriel leant against the wall and crossed her arms. Tilting her head she looked to the fair haired Dwarf. “I don't really, honestly, whole-heartedly care what you are doing in there. Though...I am curious, I think I’m better off not knowing.” She paused, Fíli nodded at her, Kíli appeared from over his shoulder and nodded too. “Just, where is everyone?”

Fíli and Kíli exchanged a look and looked to her. “Getting ready.” They answered in unison.

Náriel looked at them seriously and then down at the floor. Letting out a quiet snort she nodded. “When for?”

“How about-”

“No,” Fíli clapped a hand over Kíli's mouth to stop him talking. “I do believe you need to go see uncle. He, last time I checked, was with mother and Balin and Bilbo.”

“And they are where?”

“The main hall, of course.” Kíli said while pushing his brother away and saying it in such an obvious way that Náriel should already know.

Narrowing her eyes she pushed her hair over her shoulder and nodded slowly. “Thank you for your help. I’ll let you get back to sleeping.” She smirked and started to move away.

“Hey-!” Fíli exclaimed and suffered listening to his brother laughing.

“Hey, I’m not questioning the need to still sleep in the same room as your sibling.” Náriel quipped back while waving over her shoulder.

“Oi-!” Kíli exclaimed and peered around the door just to see Náriel smile at them before turning the corner and disappearing from view.

Now she had a destination in mind, she quickly sped down the corridors to get to where she needed to be. Stopping at the door she peered in, Bilbo was the first to spot her. He rather nervously looked from her to the surrounding group and then back again.

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