Cry of Silence

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                              Chapter 1

Samara POV

I was awakened by the continuous banging  on my door by my mother. I growled as I woke up because I hated going to school on mondays. It was always the most boring day of the week. I got up and head for the bathroom  to get ready, as I made my way down to the bathroom,  I saw my cousin briana ran into bathroom and closed the door as she made faces at me. I sighed and head down stairs in the kitchen  where my mom was making breakfast for us to go to school.  As I tried  to  take one her bacon she turned around gave me slap on the hand asking  me why I was not ready for school. I sighed telling that briana ran into bathroom  so I had to wait. She started to  quarrel  saying I would  be late blah blah.... I always ignored her when she starts to quarrel with  me. As she continued, briana made her way down the stairs and I turned  to leave to go up the stairs  she tripped me and I fell bursting my bottom lip. I got up and made my way to bathroom  and got ready and was off to school bus stop.

It was my first day at Rockford high school, I had no friends to talk to because I hard time making friends. I went to the principal's office before heading class to know my timetable and where my first class would be. As I left the office, making my way down the hallway   trying looking at each classroom door I passed trying  to find out  the correct  room I bumped into someone and all our papers collided  and scattered  all  over the floor. I bend down trying to help the person with their paper and apologizing at the same time looking straight at the most handsome  guy I has ever met in my life. He replied  no it's my fault  I should have been paying attention  to  what I was doing. He got  up and extended  his hand my name is Shane Francis and yours ?

My brain was so blank I forgot  my name, I took a few minutes trying  to remember  my name. Then I shake his hand and  told my name is ah?? He looked at me all puzzle then I  got back focused from my trance. My name is samara  sparks then he said ah your the new kid with an adorable  smile  on his face.  I frowned I'm not a kid. He laughed and asked me if I knew where I was going I told him and he gave me directions  to my classroom. I told him thanks and then  waved him goodbye.

As I entered the classroom I saw everyone  looking at me like i was freak I wanted to run out do badly  but the teacher had already spotted me. She got up from her seat   and said "goodmorning  samara my name is. Ms. Taylor"  then she turned to the class and said "this is samara sparks class please let feel welcome" then told me to take  a seat. For the  entire period  I was just staring  at the window  and  remembering  my encounter  with Shane  Francis  in the hallway.  I heard the bell ran it was time for my second period as I made my out the door I asked Ms. Taylor  where Lt-7 was and she gave me directions  and head straight  for  my class. As I  made  my way to the classroom  door I heard a familiar  voice so your stalking  me now? I turned  around to find no other than the handsome  Shane Francis. I smile then said to him your are so full of yourself  I see!!! He smirked at me and entered  the  classroom. For the rest of  the  day I was Introduced to my classmates  and it was just exhausting  trying  to  put up a front.

When I got home mom had already made dinner and dished it out so I just heated mines  in the  microwave then eat it right at the dining  table. After finishing up I went upstairs and showered  my self then head straight  into my bed because of the  long and exhausting  day I had   and I did  not  want my mom asking me  questions.


   hey guys so this my first time publishing  my  book I would  really  love feed back on it and for you to vote for my book....I'm  super  excited !!!!

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