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"where are you going?"

"my coursemate is inviting me to his birthday party, he just basically invited the whole course, so i am going to join the fun."

"and who will be fetching you?" uraraka asked me while i was putting my contact lenses, she was worried about me, though.

she was a good friend, oh my god. she's cute-

"don't worry, okay? one of my classmates will be fetching me, just chill, uraraka." i smiled and hugged her.

uraraka will be doing her assignments in the room, just pity her.

"you look sexy, yun hee!!!" she exclaimed.

i smirked and said, " i know i am pretty too."

she rolled her eyes and shook her head, " yeah-yeah, i know that, faster leave you dumbass." 

-yun hee's outfit 

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-yun hee's outfit 

i quickly ran down from the stairs when my friend called me and ringing the doorbell many times.

i opened the door and he just stood there, smiling at me.

"yo. yunhee."

"oi, monoma. thank you for fetching me bro!" i walked towards his car and he just shrugged.

"it's nothing, you know."

"...your girlfriend could have killed me, okay?"

he gulped and slightly rubbed his neck, he then started to drive his car to the party.

"i have already informed itsuka, she didn't seem mad, though." he said nervously.


he parked the car and now we're walking towards his house, he lives in a bungalow, wow-

"hey!! welcome to my party, guys !!" the guy shook our hands and we just smiled, i didn't even know his name.

and i don't care, he's a jerk in our course, but i just came because of my classmates-

the guy put his hands on my hips and i quickly pushed him away, "do you want to die?" i smiled politely.

monoma then quickly took me inside the living room, which momo and the gang were sitting on the sofa, chatting happily.

i sat beside them and sighed, "stupid jerk, such perv." i drank the beer on the table, making them questioned me.

"what happened?" one of my classmates asked.

"so basically, that jerk kinda touched her butt just now." monoma stated.

"what??!!!" they yelled in disbelief.

luckily the song was loud enough to cover our voice, if not we're gonna die-

i took a chocolate bar and started unwrapping it, "asshole, i am not going to his party anymore, i just want to have fun with you guys."

momo smirked and stood up, leading me to the dancing floor, "let's dance!!!"

"oh fuck yes!!" i grinned at followed her, my other classmates were following us as well.

"this girls..." monoma shook his head and stood aside, watching us going crazy and laughing madly. he was going to take care of us afterwards.

i went to the restroom and put on some lipstick as it started to fade away, when i walked out, a guy handed me a drink and said," hi, can we be friends?"

i looked around on the dance floor, my gang was nowhere to be seen.

's-sure..." i took the orange juice and drank everything.

"do you want to play with me?" he smirked.

...why...i could feel myself getting drowsy, my legs were started to get wobbly and i can't stand properly.

"hahaha...i am hot..." i told him, my mind was getting fuzzy, what the fuck is wrong with me?!

"come here, let's go upstairs and i will tell you why you are hot," he whispered to my ear seductively, ew.

but my whole body was a mess, i can't control myself...

"hahaha...okay...okay..." he grabbed my hand and went upstairs.


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