Chapter 14: When All Seems Well

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Ella's POV

After breakfast, Snow joined us with a pink tint of embarrassment in her face. We took a seat with Trina and had a chat together including about our quests. Trina was once a married woman to a guy named Hans. He left her since she lacked the characteristics of a proper wife or should I say, she's quite idle at most times.

Now, she had transformed herself into a hardworking woman and made a resort as her new job managing it. Trina excused herself as we went to our room and found two-pieced clothings that's perfect for swimming. We talked about staying for a little while and decided to continue our journey on the afternoon.

"Hurry up!!!" Robin complained as he banged the door since the girls and I are taking a long time changing outfits and rummaging through the cabinets, looking for sun creams. I looked at the others, their waists were showing off in ravishing curves.

Dorothy wore a bronze bikini, those kinds of fabric that you'd thought were made of metal because of their texture? It was kind of like that, Red's outfit was more ladylike, a velvet two piece with pleats that looked like cute little skirts that covered and add a spicy teasing look to it. Snow's outfit was not at all daring, it looked more like a swimsuit in blue and yellow that highlighted her fair skin. Mine was a just like Red's but in light blue hues.

It's very rare to see what's underneath the armors and heavy cloaked outfits so I can't help but to smile at the thought. I felt comfortable and light as my skin welcomed the cool air. Red took his belt off and said something as she grabs a glowing stone from it and tucked it somewhere. Dorothy opened the door as Robin dropped his jaw.

"Would you please get this to the laundry service" She shoved our dirty clothing to Robin and smiled to him affectionately before closing the door.

"That was rude" I snapped

"Nah" Dorothy said

We hit the beach as people stared at us. The sun was high, Robin then joined momentarily in green swimming trunks. His elven bare and toned body shimmered in the sun and was oddly too shiny for a mortal, clearly because it had some sun cream smeared all over it.

"See you later, ladies" He grinned mischievously before taking off the beach. They cheered as they follow him except for Snow who spreads a blanket over the sand and relaxed herself in the sun.

"Aren't you gonna swim?" I asked her

She replied with a scrunched nose before whispering, "I don't know how to swim" I laughed at her and decided to just sit with her for a while. Besides, I don't know how to swim too. Snow stared at the others and sighed.

"This is my first time laying in the sand and enjoying the sun in like forever! I quite envy them, you know. I'm pretty sure they experience this kind of thing every day in their camp" She said

"Really?" I asked in surprise

"Yeah, they have their own lake in Camp Grimwilhelm. In my kingdom, it was all snowfall all day and raging snowstorms at night! I was thinking of staying there for a while actually when this is all over. Camelot city is a very long journey from my castle and when I first step at that place, it felt like a sunny home away from snowy home. You know what I mean?" She replied.

I nodded and looked at my friends playing tag and splashing water at each other. Red was laughing again, as Robin tilted his head and started jumping, maybe water went inside his pointy ears. He was shouting complains at Dorothy who always teleport the moment he got too close to her.

"But if ever we would win this, who would take over your kingdom. I mean, you are after all your father's daughter" I asked.

"Then Camelot City would provide loyal noblemen or a temporary duke perhaps to manage things in my home since hello, I'm not ready to rule my kingdom. Besides, I still need to know more about royal strategy, lessons that will only be taught in Moors' royal school" She replied.

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