Chapter 98

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For all those of you asking, no! The book isn't close to its end! There are still a ton of plot twists to write and we haven't even met Kainsius yet! We are about to slam down on the gas and race towards something exciting and unexpected. Eek. 


Normally, Luke wouldn’t have cared if he saw somebody being beaten, robbed or ganged up upon. If he didn’t know the victim or the abuser, it had nothing to do with him. If it wouldn’t benefit him to interrupt, then why should he bother?

If it wasn’t his problem, then he had no obligation to involve himself in a messy situation. That was something he had learnt and applied to his life during his difficult and harsh human days. That way of thinking made him strong, it helped him survive; but it also made him selfish, unforgiving and uncaring.

Luke’s list of people he gave a damn about was short. And at the top of that list was his maker; Kainsius. Ashton may or may not cut the list.

So, when he saw one of the apartment securities punch a girl, he shed nothing but a humorous laugh and wondered to himself how many women had tried to impetrate the Royal Lilac’s security system and sneak into the bed of one of the Royals.

Filthy humans, forever looking for an easy way out, Luke thought to himself, despite being one of those ‘filthy humans’ not a few hundred years before. If it was not for Kainsius, Luke would have suffered the social prejudice and the hierarchy of the 25th century throughout what would have been a brief life of misery.

“This is what filths like you deserve!” the brute of a man screamed down at the girl, who had fallen to the floor, her human body yet to fully register and react to the impact of his punch. “Filth! That’s what you are! Filth! Absolute filth! Deserve to be locked up in cages, every single one of you! Fυcking imbeciles!”

Luke paid the security and the abused girl no attention, and wouldn’t have if he hadn’t felt a metal object under the sole of his shoe as he was about to ascend up the stone stairs.

Luke didn’t know what possessed him to stop and take a brief glance at the object he had stumbled upon. But in just a few hours, he would be wishing he hadn’t.

ZM. Luke recognised the pendent straight away; it was the seal of the King. Zayn’s initial.

He didn’t have to bend down and hold it in his hands to know it was the real thing and not one of those cheap, metallic copies they sell on the high street. Genius craftsmanship was something he could spot instantly.

Call it a gift or a curse, but his ability to see the value of an item with just one glance was the one thing that helped Luke survive his tough life as an orphan on the streets of Utopia during his human days. Though he had suffered a lot of beatings because of that gift.

The eyes of a thief meant nothing without the hands and agility of a thief.

“Whose is this?” he asked, his voice deep and commanding as he slowly bent over to pick the pendent from the floor.

Despite knowing him for a very brief period of time and only ever exchanged one or two words with the tyrant, Luke knew Zayn Malik was not a kind man, and his pendants of protection was not something he often issue. Not even to the people who had spent their lives serving him. Not to any of his protégés, not even Kainsius; not like Luke’s maker needed the tyrant’s protection anyway.

Kainsius was a man who was more than capable of protecting himself, and had been doing so for thousands of years. He was never dependent of Zayn, contrasting some of Zayn’s protégés like Jonah and Marcus.

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