CHAPTER 1 -The Beginning of the Marilyn Adventure

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Once upon a time, in a faraway land  lived a princess named Marilyn.

She was beautiful, kind and well-liked by everyone, let's say not really by everyone (yes, I'll save you the classic fairy tale of the enchanted place and other various nonsense).

In the city there were evil monsters, without souls and also without any morals (even if in appearance we say vaguely feminine, feminine and charitable they had nothing at all).

They fed on the sadness and depression of others, being devoid of happiness.

Marilyn, a good-hearted princess , felt a feeling that led her to the misfortune and the most complete disaster: pity!

Her grandmother had advised her not to feel any pity for those unclean beings, but the poor girl was too trusting in others. She befriended one of those cursed beings, a woman, and things began to take a very unfavorable turn for her.

"What could go wrong?I'll do everything to help my new and trusted friend" said princess Marilyn.

Poor Marilyn, so young and so naive!

The woman in question, who soon turned out to be a witch, began to hate good and kind Marilyn because she was envious of her kindness and gentle soul.

Marilyn asked her once:

"Dear Vanessa, you are my best friend and dear one, promise to me that we will always be friend and help each other when we need. I trust you and believe in you forever, I can't imagine my life without a friend like you"

Vanessa, on the other hand replied to Marilyn's sweet words with this:

"Of course, my princess, I will always be on your side forever and ever"

However Marilyn didn't noticed Vanessa's evil smirk when she said these words, she was too naive to understand that you can lie with words because they can be dangerous like evil poison.

In fact, our dear princess will learn on her skin what dangers and pain she will face because of her too gentle heart and soul.

With time, the evil witch hatched any kind of nastiness to see Marilyn sad and ruined.
Despite everything, Marilyn continued to forgive the witch, even though feeling pity began to cost her dear.

The enemy in question, with the passage of time, could not stand the goodness of Marilyn and wanted revenge. She wanted to find a way to destroy it and make it suffer worse than a dog.

She felt envious or perhaps her heart was rotten because of resentment or the immense pleasure of destroying others.

She really enjoyed to murder other's people happiness and life.

"I must trust my friend, she needs me and i won't leave her behind!" Said Marilyn.

Those were the last words Marilyn said before being screwed over by the person she trusted most of all.

Mark my words ladies and gentlemen

Evil people are always rotten no matter what you do, they will always be rotten and evil until the end.

Do not try to understand them, the only way to reason about these Snakes is only one: if I'm not happy, nobody can be, let alone our dear princess.

Envy was able to suggest to the Snake in question the strategies to ruin Marilyn and kill her mentally without getting her hands dirty, since the coward never had the courage to declare her resentment or her weakness in public.

Continuing her campaign of systematic attacks against our heroine, the Snake was getting what it wanted most, namely to obscure Princess Marylin's happiness forever.

Marilyn's happiness withered like a rose in the middle of winter, in the long run she no longer had the time or the desire to do something for herself, her money evaporated.

In short, it was destroying itself only to help those who wanted to drag it to hell and throw it in without mercy.

Unfortunately, the misadventures of our protagonist did not end there.

The women who love to torment their victims are devious and do not stop until they know that there is nothing left to destroy or ruin.

Not happy with continuing to ruin the pretty Marilyn, the Snake made sure to spread poison and malicious rumors on behalf of the poor protagonist.

False and poisonous rumors spread about her and, thanks to the credulity of the people, it was easy to see Marilyn's reputation destroyed and ruined for good.

In less than no time, everything and everyone began to mistreat our protagonist because they believed in false rumors circulating about her reputation.

Meanwhile, the coward looked good, given her ignoble nature, from facing our Marilyn and escaped to his homeland called Mudland.

The few people she thought were near her, at the first hint of shadow and ruin, fled like flies in front of the pesticide.

Having found herself alone, drained of happiness, dreams and money, the unfortunate woman was forced to face reality and face those who had destroyed her after stealing everything she could steal from her.

"What have I done to deserve this? I have always been kind to everyone".

After said that from darkness emerged the one responsible for all Marilyn's sufferings. Her fake friend was none other than The evil Queen of Mean Snakes

The evil Snake  challenged Marilyn by saying:

"If you want your retribution stupid pretty princess,  try to chase me in the rotten and cruel Lands of despair where i live, if you have the guts!"

Well, do you think that we are to weak to face this challenge and let all the and mean done to Marilyn gone for nothing?

Hell no, we will go with here and have our payback set right for this time.

For Marilyn the time had come to forget goodness and become a shrewd and clever person to make it in life.

Yes, she had to chase the Snake through his land and defeat it once and for all in order to take revenge and to end his diabolical design of destruction.

What do you say, did I manage to convince you to continue?

If you are interested, I will now explain to you how to enter the world of female wickedness and get out of it all.

The guinea pig in question, unfortunately endowed with little luck, will have to face the multitude of enemies who enjoy making life difficult but definitely horrible.

Marylin will have to face all her enemies alone and without the help of any fairy godmother as in Cinderella.

We will review her whole life, from childhood to the really painful adult life, together with this we will find the many pleasantly depressing things that her ruthless rivals will put in place to scrub our darling.

Don't worry, there is not only so much wickedness in this world, there are also victories and revenge.

Continuing the story, in the second part there will be someone who will help our protagonist with some tips on how to dismantle all the harmful actions of her nemesis and how to get by on their own.

In the end you will find a really nice surprise that certainly will make everyone happy and why not give our tormented heroine the "lived happily ever after", sound right, doesn't?

Now let's take a look at these traumas one piece at a time and find the solution.

Good reading and lots of patience.

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