taekook: no nap!(s)

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warnings: soft sex after bath, vanilla, jk is a little, nothing short of love making


(i think u wanted sex in the bath? but i wasnt sure so i didnt do that, sorry. also i don't think you wanted soft smut, but i just rlly felt like it. sorry.)


"b-but daddy~ i 'on't wanna nap!"

taehyung sighed, frowning at jungkook before pouting,"fine, a bath, then? how's that sound, petal?"

jungkook seemed to be happy with the idea, not having a nap and being able to be in a bubble bath? perfect!

"yes please, daddy!"

"c'mon,"taehyung picked up the small boy, jungkook giggling as he played with taehyung's blonde hair,"we gon' add bubbles, daddy?"

"yes, petal, we can add bubbles. which colour?"

taehyung carried the boy to the bathroom, jungkook squealing as he hopped off,"pwurple, please!"

taehyung hummed, bottle of purple liquid in his hands as jungkook struggled cutely to strip himself.

"bub, c'mon, baby," taehyung chuckled, helping the boy slip off his oversized hoodie and boxers as he tested the water,"is this okay, petal?"

jungkook hummed, slipping in the lukewarm water, sighing as he stared at taehyung,"gwet in, daddy!"

"i will, baby, hold on."

taehyung stripped himself, slipping in as he poured in the liquid, ensuring he got in enough for there to be more bubbles that usual, knowing how much jungkook liked them.

the purple bubbles of air covered their bottom bodies, jungkook giggling as he played with his rubber toys, the caregiver scrubbing his soft hair for him.

"daddy, look!"

jungkook turned and to taehyung's horror, his face was absolutely covered in purple bubbles.

"petal! don't do that, you could get it in your eyes!"he exclaimed, rushing to wash off his hands and jungkook's face, who only laughed at how silly taehyung was being.

"swilly daddy, it won't get in my eyes! bubblwes lwove me, hehe!"

taehyung sighed when his face was clear of bubbles, the two stepping out after a short shower and taehyung swung jungkook's blue towel over his body.

wrapping on his own, taehyung dried jungkook's body off, letting him sit on the bed as he dried his hair thoroughly, and his eyes just couldn't help it as they went down to jungkook's exposed body.

his sun-kissed thighs, pretty, pouty red lips and slim waist...

unconsciously, he licked his lips.

jungkook frowned, what was his daddy doing, he wasn't even drying off his hair anymore.

though it was already pretty dry.

"daddy? what're you thwinking about?"

now, jungkook wasn't stupid.

sure, he was a little most of the time, and acted innocent and "adorable", as taehyung would say, but he knew his things.

"h-huh? oh, sorry, kook."

jungkook frowned, a sparkle in his eyes. he knew what was on taehyung's mind.

"daddy, you wanna play?"

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