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Kimberly Mikaelson was the least involved in all their family drama and 'Always and Forever' pact. Twin sister to Kol Mikaelson, she was just as cunning and smart and cruel (and she had probably the least amount of daggering by Niklaus) as her brother.

Like her twin she was the odd one out, and so she didn't bother to stick around, so she decided to travel.

But then Kimberly's been hiding from that pact for years now. And if there's one thing that Kimberly had learned over the past millennium, it's that the past never stays buried.

^ Synopsis of the crossover! Well, it's an unofficial plot, I might think of something else, but I came up with this for now.


"You found all this in Elliot's book shop?" Alec asked.

I came into the library with a glass of milk. Apparently this kind of milk was good for pregnant women.

I miss coffee...

"Yeah, he kept detailed records on the whereabouts of all sorts of Shadowhunter relics." Luke replied. "If you're looking for the sword Jonathan's after, it's a good place to start."

Alec then spotted me, and immediately pulled out a chair for me to sit on. I smiled gratefully at him. I was grateful for everybody, really.

They've been so supportive and helpful with me, and I was really glad that our child would grow up in this type of environment.

"All right." Alec said. "Well, we'll get a team on this right away."

I raised my hand up as if I were a student in a classroom. "I'll gladly help with this. I've got nothing better to do."

Alec kissed me on the forehead. "Thanks. Oh, and finish your milk."

"You say that as if I was a child." I huffed.

"You're a kid at heart." Alec grinned. "I'll see you later."


I woke up to voices. "Ugh," I groaned. "Who let's a pregnant woman fall asleep on the couch?"

After a little searching, sleep began to pull at me, and I didn't deny it. So I pulled the blanket the was hung over the couch over me and fell asleep.

"I offered to put you to bed, you refused." Alec defended himself.

Izzy only shook her head in amusement, before turning back to her brother. "So, I was thinking about what Sentry Greenlaw said before he was murdered."

I yawned, before tying my hair into a bun. I probably looked so haggard. "Didn't Maryse say to stop meddling in Clave affairs?"

"He said he had information on what was going on at the Gard and was killed for it." Izzy told us. "Aren't you interested in knowing what he had to say?

"Of course." Alec replied. "But, there are–"

"His last word was 'inside'." She said. "And I think he was being literal. I want to do an autopsy."

Alec gave her a look. "Don't you think Jia might notice if we return a body that's already been cut open?"

"I'll be stealthy." Izzy insisted. "This is important, Alec. It's our responsibility to find out what's really going on here."

I could practically see the gears turning in Alec's head. "Twenty-four hours. And then I'm reporting it to the Clave."

I stood up from the couch. "Well, I'm going to go help."

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