Shinobi: Hikage

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(Y/N) is seen at his study desk as he turns the page of the Encyclopedia to see a green-haired girl.

(Y/N) is seen at his study desk as he turns the page of the Encyclopedia to see a green-haired girl

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Name: Hikage

Age: 17

Faction: Crimson Squad

Blood Type: O

Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: Amber

Height: 5'3

Bust: 85 cm

Cup Size: E

Waist: 57 cm

Hip: 85 cm

Animal Guardian: Cobra

Hobby: None

Favorite Food: None

Personality: Rarely shows emotion, mostly emotionless

(Y/N): Hm...

Weapon: Hinata's Knife

(Y/N): Hinata?

Backstory: Hikage lived a very poor life. She never knew who her parents are, and spent her life growing up in an orphange. The kids would poke at her for being expressionless and not showing any emotion, which earned her the nickname "Dead Face". Due to being uncomfortable, she decided to leave the orphanage and lived on the streets until she was found by a woman, Hinata, a leader of a gang and cared for her ever since. But when they got on the bad side with a rival gang, countless members were slaughtered. She left Hikage to beg the rival gang for forgiveness, but never returned. Hikage searched for her for days, but that was until she found in a dumpster at an alleyway. Lifeless, and dead. That was when for the first time, she showed...emotion. A feeling that she described as a drip in her heart, she shown sadness. That is why the knife she wields belongs to Hinata herself, and kept it so that she would never forget about her. 

(Y/N) closes the Encyclopedia and sighs silently while shedding some tears. He decides to go outside for a walk but doesn't know that the Encyclopedia glows when he was gone.

Outside, (Y/N) is seen looking up in the sky at the stars and looks at the one shining brightest. He stares at it for awhile, he decides to walk back home. But suddenly, a figure was launched at him but (Y/N) catched him on time to see a man that was beaten up.

(Y/N): You okay? What happened to you?!

Man: The...Encyclopedia...

(Y/N): Encyclopedia? ... ... Wait. You know about it?

Man: You need... to be careful. Every page that read...will only make them appear. 

(Y/N): What are you talking about?

Man: You have to finish that it can all go away.

The man then grunts in pain that makes (Y/N) look to see a knife with a snake like carving on the handle and he pulls it out. The man then grabs (Y/N) by the shirt and tells one last word. 

Man: Run...

As the man died, (Y/N) held a palm over his mouth at the sight before him. He then feels something was here with him and it made him run in panic to his house. 

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