Ch. 1 - UA Entrance Exams

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A/N: The first official chapter is here! I wrote this chapter inspired by a ton of other BNHA fanfics I've read, but I hope I was able to add enough of my own touch to make it my own.



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3 years later...

An alarm for 7 AM blared by Hitomi's ear, making her groan and hit snooze.


Not even a minute later, an evil gremlin Hitomi loathed to call her younger brother kicked the door open, the sound jolting her awake.


This boy is a 13 year old.

Hitomi turned so her face was mashed into her pillow and her back facing the door.

"Get out." Her voice was muffled by her pillow.

"Ahh, but Hitomi, shouldn't you be getting up? The UA Entrance Exam is today~"

"I know that. But you're NOT the one who's waking me up. I can do that myself. Now get out."

"Ok then, me and Kinkata will eat all the crepes Mom made! She made them for you but since it doesn't seem like you'll be having any that's more for us!"

"What?! HEY-"

The girl tried to jump out of bed, but her legs were tangled up in her blankets and she fell to the floor.

"Don't you dare touch my crepes. I'll be down after I change and get my stuff ready, so just get out already."

"I won't touch them if you get there before I do!" And then the gremlin slammed the door shut.

"TOKU!! That little- God, it's too early for this."

The bluenette untangled her legs from the blanket and got ready for the day.

Shoot, I don't actually have a school uniform to wear to the exam... Whatever, not like it really matters.

She pulled a white button up and a gray pleated skirt from her closet, changing her clothes. These could pass as a uniform though, right...?

Hitomi's family had moved back to Japan from America three months ago after her dad got promoted, and she'd opted to just be homeschooled until the new school year started.

A glance at her clock told her it was 7:30, meaning she only had 10 minutes to eat if she wanted to get to UA early.


Grabbing the workout clothes she'd prepared on her desk chair, Hitomi stuffed them into her backpack and stumbled down the stairs in a hurry.

You better not have touched my crepes, Toku!!

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