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IT WAS LUNCH the following Monday when people started talking about the party

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IT WAS LUNCH the following Monday when people started talking about the party. Jack wasn't exactly happy with the direction that conversation was going.

"I think it was a fun night." Marisol shrugged, popping a piece of popcorn in her mouth. "I had to drag Wyatt back to his room at the end of the night. He got a little more than tipsy." She admitted, a small giggle escaping her at the memory of her boyfriend that night.

"It was... interesting." Carmen said slowly, her eyes on her red-painted nails as she picked at them. That got the attention of everyone in the group at the lunch table. The blonde girl lifted her head and her cheeks went pink. "What?"

"Well what happened to you that night?" Tori questioned, leaning over her arms on the table while Jonah looked over his girlfriend's shoulder with a raised eyebrow. Jack peered over as well with Marisol, Daniel, Lily, and Brandon. Needless to say the blonde girl was very flustered with all the eyes on her.

"Stop!" She hissed at them and covered her face. She glanced up to see Tori leaning over to her and jumped, groaning in defeat. "Fine... I kissed Zach, okay?" She admitted and looked down at her hands.

"You kissed Zach?!" Jack and Tori exclaimed in unison, equally shocked at the news.

"I mean, I told him to go talk to you. I didn't think that would happen!" The curly-haired boy confessed, Carmen shooting him a small glare.

"Wow, I missed a lot at that party." Brandon chuckled quietly, leaning back in his seat that was sat next to his sister's.

"Oh yeah, and where were you that night?" Tori asked Brandon, her eyes slighting squinted in his direction and her hands going over her boyfriend's arms. "You could've come, you were invited."

Jack and the rest of the group also looked over to Brandon, who's cheek got very red very quickly. "Well I was—"

"He got a date!" Lily cut him off, her hand covering her mouth after the words left it. She lowered it and just smiled at her brother. "Sorry."

"A date? With who?!" Carmen asked, now seemingly much more invested in the conversation. Well she was one to be interested in other's lives. Also because she was relieved the conversation went off of her.

"Was it with that guy from the shop?" Jonah questioned and raised his eyebrows, their dirty blond friend looking down at his lap with bright crimson cheeks.

"You got a date with Shawn?" Daniel asked as he approached the table, taking his seat next to Lily but reaching around her to pat Brandon's back. "Nice job!"

"Yeah good for you." Jack agreed and smiled at his friend.

Brandon ran a hand through his hair and smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, it was really fun. We had a good time." He confessed, fingers twirling at his lap.

"Well at least you weren't like Jack and Hazel and disappeared early." Daniel commented, the curly haired boy looking at him with a glare.

"Where'd you guys go, anyway?" Marisol questioned and turned to the boy she was sitting next to.

Jack ran his hand through his mess of curls and bit his lip, but he really didn't have anything to hide. "We went out for ice cream. Hazel was getting tired of the party so we ended up leaving and hanging out for a bit." He confessed, nearly immediately hearing an "ooo" come from across the table so he shot a glare at Carmen.

"That's why you two disappeared!" Zach said, also announcing his presence and taking a seat next to Carmen, putting his arm around the blonde's back. "I just thought y'all went to a room and hooked up." Thankfully, Carmen hit Zach's arm and the boy let out a small whine of pain.

"Well Harvey was pretty upset when Hazel left." Marisol muttered quietly. Jack looked over at the platinum blonde girl and felt himself frowning. He started to speak but the bell rang, and everyone around the table started getting up to get to their next class.

"See you guys in math." Tori waved to Zach and Jack before taking Jonah's hand. The couple walked out followed by Marisol and Brandon, who rolled their eyes when Daniel and Lily walked next to them being all couple-y.

Carmen just sighed and got up, glancing at Zach. "I'll see you after school." She said quietly and gave him a kiss on the cheek before jogging down the hallway. The younger boy's cheeks went redder than usual and he smiled before turning to Jack, who rolled his eyes and shoved him lightly.

"Come on, let's go." He said and the two stared walking. "I can't believe you actually made a move." He admitted and ran a hand through his hair, turning to the younger who blushed even more.

"It just kinda happened." Zach admitted, messing with his hands as he chuckled quietly. His expression faltered and looked at Jack, biting the inside of his cheek. "I saw how you reacted to Marisol saying that thing about Harvey... are you okay?" He questioned and looked at the elder.

Jack frowned again and looked at the ground, his shoes shuffling along nervously. "I-I... No." He finally admitted, glancing around the halls briefly. Thankfully there weren't any of his friends around, besides Zach. He let out a sigh and looked at his rosy-cheeked friend, adjusting the strap on his bag. "I saw Harvey talking to her at the party and he was just... well, smooth, because that's him. She just went along with it and it made me upset." He confessed and the two stopped in front of his next period class.

"Jack?" Zach questioned slowly, crossing his arms over his chest and his eyebrows raising slighting in questioning. "Do you—?"

"I like Hazel." Jack admitted, squeezing his eyes shut in frustration with himself and leaning his head back against the lockers next to the classroom. "What am I going to do?"

"I don't know, bro." Zach confessed and put a hand on his friend's shoulder. Jack opened his eyes and frowned as the younger spoke again. "Just... keep being you around her, that's all I can say." He said and glanced up as the bell rang again. "I gotta go, good luck." He nodded and started down the hall.

Jack let out a sigh and pushed the door to his english classroom open. His eyes immediately went to his desk, seeing Hazel sitting in the one next to it, smiling as she talked to the girl sitting in front of her. She lifted her warm brown eyes to meet Jack's and her smile widened, making his do so as well.

And just like that, his worries went away for a moment.


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