Inspired Song: Just Fishin' by Trace Adkins ----> I kind of twisted the meaning of the song a little.

Chapter Forty Five- She Thinks We're Just Fishing

"Ahhh!!" Lily giggled as Rupert threw her over the side of Dan's boat, and into the water, where Timber was treading water happily.

I smiled as I leaned against the side and enjoyed the feel of the wind in my face. The day was toasty warm as the sun was high up in the clear blue sky. Despite my immediate response to being invited, I was glad that I had come. Tom and I had kept a good, reasonable distance between us, but we could have a playful conversation with each other. It was easier talking with him; it would probably feel effortless if it wasn't for the clear light amount of tension that hung above the group.

That tension would fade from time to time, mostly because of Lily being around. It was still there though, and you could practically see the burning curiosity to ask questions, that were not for Lily's ears, in Rupert and Dan's eyes.

"Cas you want one?" Dan asked, his hand half in the cooler of beer and water.

I brushed some of the flying hair behind my ear and shook my head, "No, thanks."

Lately every time I thought of alcohol I ended thinking back to Will. I was disappointed in him. More than I had ever been disappointed with someone; including my father. For once I thought we could be friends, but it just seems as if someone really wants to keep us far away from each other. Which might, in the long run, be safer and easier.

"You sure?" He said as he sat down next to me.

"Yep," I shrugged, watching as Tom helped Lily and Timber out of the water, "just not feeling it today."

Rupert rolled his eyes and scoffed as he began to re-sort fishing stuff. I had the thought to kick his back side off into the water. I laughed to myself at the thought and pulled my sunglasses back over my eyes.

"What's so hilarious?" Dan asked from next to me, and I just shook my head.

"Mummy! Mummy did you see me?!" Lily asked as she walked over to me, dripping wet.

I grabbed her arms and squeezed them lightly, "Yeah, did you see how high he threw you?"

She nodded enthusiastically and I laughed before I pinched her nose saying, "You are my little dare devil." 

Lily giggled before she sat herself down at my feet and began to pet a panting Timber.

"Well I am tired of standing here in the sun!" Tom said as he pulled his shirt above his head and threw it to the side.

I pushed my sun glasses on top of my head and asked, "Isn't all of this swimming," I nodded my head at the now shirtless Tom, which would have affected me more if the last night had not happened, "Scaring away the fish?"

The lake we resorted in was empty besides the five of us. I spent very little time wondering why we were the only ones and more time wondering how the hot sun never failed to warm me.

Tom smirked at me and shrugged as he kicked off this flip flops and dove off into the water.

I looked over to Dan, "That wasn't an answer to my question."

Dan rolled his eyes as Rupert beckoned me over to him, "Come here I'll show you."

"Show me?" I asked incredulously. What did they have a fish radar?

Rupert sighed, annoyed, and nodded me over.

I looked down to see Lily smiling at the scene, as her small hands ran through Timber's chocolaty fur.

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