Chapter Three

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A smile stretched across my face.

"Uh sure! When?" I asked as the smile never left my face.

"I know it's a little soon but what after band practice?" I thought for a second. I don't think i have anything going on. I'm off of work for the next week so i guess it'll be fine.

"Yeah that sounds great! But one did you get my number?" I heard him chuckle.

"Awesome. So I'll pick you up around 4 and I got your number from your brother." I roll my eyes laughing. Of course he did.

"Ok. So I'll see you later." We both said bye and hung up. I texted him my address, then started on breakfast.

Later that day it was around 3 so i started getting ready. I put on a white, small dress and curled the bottoms of my hair, putting in a white head band. (Like the one in the pic of description)

It shows definitely A LOT of cleavage but maybe if i just pull it up some more it won't.

Ok...I've been trying to hide as much as my tits but nothing is working. Maybe it'll be ok? Lets just not stress too much about it. Fuck it. I went back to my room and changed into a dress that looks a lot like it, except a different color and doesn't show as much cleavage.

I heard a knock on the door as i was slipping on my sandles

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I heard a knock on the door as i was slipping on my sandles. Answering the door, i saw Neil standing there against the door frame. He was wearing a white Tshirt that clung to his body, showing off his muscles. Also wearing dark blue shorts that obviously went down to his knees. To top it off, he was wearing Adidas shoes.

"Hey! Hold on let me do something with my hair then we can go." He smiled, nodding. I let him in while i went into the bathroom, grabbing some ponytails. I put my hair in a fish tail braid that left my bangs hanging out. I readjusted my hair band and went out to see Neil on his phone, waiting patiently. He looked up when he saw me, his cheeks turning a very light pink. Is he blushing? He then cleared his throat.

"Ready?" I nodded, grabbing my purse from the counter. We went out, getting into his car.

"So where are we going?" I asked as he pulled out of my driveway.

"I thought we could stop and get some coffee first and just go from there."

"Sounds great!" I smiled warmly at him.

"How can you be so happy all the time?" He chuckled as he pointed his eyes back on the road. How can i? I'm not. I just have to pretend for my health. In fact I'm not in the tiniest bit of happy.

"I..I guess there's just no point of being sad or mad. You only have one life. Why not try not to be as happy as you can till your day comes..." i lied. I can't tell him though. I don't need another person to walk away. I don't need another person to worry about me all the time like my brothers. I only have a few friends but even they don't know. We pulled into the parking lot about five minutes later.

He opens the door for me and i step out as he leads me inside. We find a table after ordering our drinks.

"Ok so I gotta ask. Is this like...a date? Or just hanging out." I've been wondering since he asked me.

"Uh..I guess just hanging out. It could be a date if you want though." He said with a wink making me giggle.

"So tell me a bit about yourself." Neil said, taking a sip of his coffee. I smiled.

"Well my name is Brittany Walst as you already know. Brad and Matt's little sister."

"Wait you're younger than Matt? So how old are you?" He asked, raising his eyebrow in confusion.

"Im twenty six. I'm younger than Matt but we're identical twins."

"Wow I'm four years older than you. I feel old." He chuckled and I once again giggled.

"Oh who cares? Age is just a number. Plus my parents are five years apart. Plus that's not much. There's not an age limit for friends." I said laughing a bit.

"So how come you haven't seen your brothers in awhile?" Neil asked, breaking the silence that lingered for a few minutes.

"Well one is because they were in bands. Traveling a lot as you of course know. Also since i am the youngest i was the last to move out. I decided to when i was eighteen. I wanted NOT to depend on my parents. Since my brothers were in the music industry i wanted to do something different. I've always loved animals and this is the reason i live close to the ocean. I am a Marine Mammal Trainer."

"Wow I'm sure that's a very interesting job." He says with a smile.

"It honestly is. I love it and that's not something everyone gets to say about their job."

"I definitely understand that. I love my job as well. But I'm sure your job is really fun. I mean you're literally working with marine animals. So is it like dolphins and stuff?"

"Dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions. Its definitely interesting especially in some events you get to perform with the dolphins." He nods, his smile never leaving.

"Ok so there's one more thing i know about you. How about...oh do you play any instruments?" He asks.

"No..Brad taught me a bit when we were little and he was learning. He called me i think...a 'natural'? He didn't really explain though." I said laughing some.

"Wow..a natural? That means you can be good at any instrument. Not even with any experience."

"Oh. Well anyway i don't really play any instrument."

"Have you ever wanted to?" I thought for a second. This is going to get embarrassing.
"Ok I'll tell you but I swear it's not because I'm saying it to you. Ok so I've actually always wanted to try drums." He raised his eyebrows, then soon a smile stretches across his face.

"Well i think I know what we can do now. How would you like to learn a bit on how to play druns?" He said calmly as he finished his coffee. Is he for real?

"Seriously? I would love that!" 

About thirty minutes later, Neil took me to their studio. There was a few cars here but he told me thats probably the producers. We got in and so far it looked pretty empty.

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