The Cyber Wolf, Primal Howl

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*Trigger Warning. This is a dark erotic short story and contains rape fantasy. You won't find that part of the story here. This is just the first few pages and if you like it, check out the rest here:

The Cyber Wolf, Primal Howl

"What do you mean Voyager won't take him back?" I screamed at the Android who was handling my customer service call. "I only used him once, and he raped me! My Generation Zero Android had to come out of sleep mode to save me! This is complete crap! I want to talk with a manager."

"I see. You want to talk to a manager. Is that right?" the Android had surprisingly lifelike eyes that almost fooled me into thinking he was human.

"Yes," I said the word as a command and knew I would get my way. Robots were so much easier to deal with than humans. I so rarely dealt with humans anymore. It was remarkable how I had gone months without actual human contact without feeling lonely. I had my robots to keep me company.

"You are being connected with our manager, Karen. This is Martin. He is a Generation Ten Android with higher-level capabilities. I do hope he can resolve your problem for you, Karen."

"Thank you," I said, knowing that this would end his speech.

"You are welcome. Have a nice day," he said before his video feed cut out. I turned my attention to Martin.

"So my colleague explained that you are having trouble understanding why we cannot accept the return of your Cyber Wolf. Is that right?"

"Yes. I can't afford him, and he is defective. He raped me the first day I received him, and I put him back in his crate and tried to return him. My Android, Trevor did the return."

"I apologize for your negative experience. Voyager has investigated this issue, and there is a problem," Martin said, his robotic eyes showing a realistic level of concern.

"What is the problem?" I asked impatiently. I honestly had no idea why this was taking so long. I was horny, and I wanted to get back to fucking the only robot I had left, my Generation Zero Android, Trevor. He was outdated, and I really needed to return the Cyber Wolf if I was going to afford the upgrades that Trevor would need to be fully functional in today's world. He was over ten years old, and in robotics, it might as well have been one-hundred years. His programming was ancient compared to Martin's.

"Your Cyber Wolf's records show that he has been being used heavily. He has been utilized every single day since you received him. I do not sense that you are lying, Karen. I believe that you have not used your Cyber Wolf, but someone has been using him. The crate you sent us was empty upon arrival. We do not have him in our custody, but we are receiving information that is telling us exactly where he is right at this moment. Let me just pinpoint the location," Martin said with a feigned level of concentration. He was designed to look like he was really focusing when his processing speed was much faster than that of a human. Martin didn't need to think the way that humans did. He processed multiple things at once in ways that humans could not.

"So someone stole my Cyber Wolf and is using it?" I was shocked. I had never heard of such a thing. People knew better than to steal robots from one another. Every robot had a tracking device that sent information back to Voyager for review. It supposedly helped them to create even better robots based on how people used the current models. I shuddered as I thought about the feedback they had gotten from my robot use. I used their hard robot cocks to soothe urges in me that no human male could fulfill. I had given up biological men years before, and I didn't miss them. Who would when you had men you could program to fuck you at just the right speed and tempo? Martin interrupted my pleasant thoughts with the unpleasant.

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