Twenty Five

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"I want you to meet her."

I blinked for about a couple of times right after he said it. His mother...Byun Baekhyun's mother was right inside his house.

I could slowly felt the nerves taking over me.

My mind started to panic as I avoided his eyes. Somehow, I wanted to at least hide how scared I was at the moment. I could tell that he was waiting for me to say something but I couldn't even form coherent thoughts right now.

"Hey Baby..." He uttered, catching my attention right away. "It'll be fine."

I swallowed once more as my head automatically moved sideways.

"No." I finally managed to say before I absent mindedly removed his arms around me so I could move away. "It's not."

I sat, hoping that I could somehow convince myself to relax a bit, but failed when I started to fidget with my fingers. I closed my eyes at how things had ridiculously things turned. First, we were... I gulped, we were just doing our thing and now, in just a span of a few minutes, his mom's here.

I wasn't ready for this, heck I haven't even thought about this, this far...yet.

I was so engrossed with my rattled thoughts that I had totally forgotten about his presence right next to me and was only made aware of it when I felt his hand tucking my hair behind me ear. The gentleness of his touch made it impossible for me to ignore him, I turned to him. His eyes were on what his hand was doing at first but went to meet my gaze after a few seconds.

"What are you thinking of right now?" He asked, his fingers caressing my earlobe, I guess this was him trying to calm me down.

I took a deep breath, momentarily shutting my eyes closed as I tilt my head down.

"What if she doesn't like me?" I voiced out before biting my lower lip. "Worse, what if she hates me?" I asked once more, this time turning to him.

He didn't say anything and just looked back at me instead. He looked so calm right now and I couldn't overlook the subtle smile on his lips.

"Hate you?" He said, his forehead creased before letting out of a chuckle.

Did he just laugh? I was busy processing the thought of how his beautiful sounding laugh was totally unnecessary right now when he pulled me closer towards him, making me sit between his legs.

"How is that even possible?" He asked as buried his face against my neck.

"Baekhyun!" I scolded him as I leaned away from him.

How dare he continue to be this affectionate when I was already panicking big time inside?

"What?" He asked innocently.

"How can you still flirt with me when you have your mom in your house right now?" I was sure my eyes grew wide as I looked at him incredulously.

I also took off his arms around me so I could stand in front of him.

He looked frazzled with how swift I just freed myself from him before letting out of another chuckle.  

Gosh, did he just laugh again?

"My god, Baek how do you even find this funny?" I asked in a matter of fact tone which instantly caught his attention.

"What?" He asked once more.

There was an obvious grin on his handsome face right now.

"Can't you see how complicated this is right now? I'm in your house...not to mention in these pajamas. She would immediately think I slept here."

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