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his eyes snapped open.

where was he?

the ground was-was wet.

and so was he.

he got up and felt around, walls, everywhere.

he couldn't find anywhere to leave.

he felt water fall on him from the sky and looked up.

the sky was surrounded by red lights.

he turned around frantically and that's when he noticed it.

an opening.

he moved towards it, no ran, like his life depended on it.

who knows, maybe it did.

his heart was heavy in his chest and breathing erratic.

as he got closer and closer to the opening he saw signs, jig bright signs with red advertisements and characters of writing.

as he moved out into the street he looked around, people were staring st him as they passed by, others ignored him like this was an everyday occurence.

he ran out to them to ask for help but was suddenly pulled back.

as he was turned around he went to scream but noticed that nothing came out.

all it was was a cracked whisper that left his throat.

once he was completely turned around he saw two men standing side by side.

both smirking.

then one opened his mouth.

"i think you've had enough fun for today jimin."

jimin's eyes were wide as he was pulled away and back into the shadows.

lights out.

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