Special People, Special Needs Part 30

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5th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

 Sitting on the porch looking out of the view from the front of the ranch house still took my breath away as I sat beside Deb and just watched as the sun was going down over the hills in the distance.

" This place you have here is so beautiful. No wonder you love it here." I murmured while drinking my coffee.

" The first time I saw this place I fell in love with it. Not so much the man, but his home, which was not much bigger than four stone walls and a roof." She smiled at me when she started to tell me about her home. My eyes widened when she added what it was like when she first saw it.

" My grandparents house was two rooms for years until after they had my mother. By that time, it was six rooms with a porch on the front and back with the laundry on the back porch." I said to her with a smile as I remembered the house I saw when I came to live with my grandparents. It was really small with just a couple of small bedrooms.

Then Deb was telling me more about her home.

" There was some plumbing. Only, it was all outside. Including the outhouse which was an original one. No plumbing there." I saw her shudder when she related it from her memory. I think I would agree with her. I hate the old fashioned ones too.

" I had to carry water into the house by the bottle and the bucket if I wanted to have a cup of coffee or a bath and do the dishes. The only original thing about that place years ago is the fireplace at the middle of the house and those two walls there and there." She was pointing out which ones to me when we looked back in through the window behind us.

" I like the feature they make." I said to her when I noticed which walls she was pointing out to me.

" Everything has been added and built around that fireplace because it came to mean a lot to me with the memories we made in front of it over time. Thomas and Oliver were actually born here in front of that fireplace. Both times, it was storming and we couldn't get into town to the doctors or the clinic. So, Cort delivered the boys here all on his own." She surprised me by saying. That would have been chancy delivering babies without medical help.

" Thomas?" I asked her quietly. Because I can not remember Randi talking about a brother called by that name.

" Thomas was two years old when he drowned. It was a horrible storm and the flooding was so widespread. He would have been safe had he been here with me when I wanted him to be and not with someone I thought was.... But..." She lost her words to her memories of that time which looked sad. Which it was if she lost a child here somewhere.

I just waited until she gathered herself together and was able to continue talking without being dragged down into a painful past. Then she turned to me and sort of shook her thoughts off before continuing.

 " We have made some good memories after such a painful start which included the loss of our eldest child. Cort makes sure they are always good memories. So, how could I not love this place?" Deb was smiling with sad eyes as she remembered.

I looked at her thinking that there must be a story there with her and Cort that she might like to share one day. It sounds interesting from the little she has shared about him. And about their little boy, Thomas.

Then I thought about why I was there. Ollie had a call earlier and had to leave. He looked a bit startled when he saw who was calling. But didn't say anything as he turned around and left, leaving me to be cared for by his mother.

When I first arrived a few hours earlier, she gave me a file with both residences and office areas to look through of possible sites for the upcoming Home Assist building. I had asked Deb if it was also possible to have a meeting organised with some of the carers locally who would also be able to add their input into what they feel is necessary.

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