Possible Complications Part 27

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3rd May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I slightly rolled towards him and threw one of my legs across his though where it settled between them and flopped my hand on his chest. This was something I don't normally so. In fact, being so busy with babies and looking after my grandparents and with work, when do I ever get the time to canoodle with a man of any sort?

Oh, that's right. I don't. I was wondering what possible complications this could cause. But to b e honest, I don't really care. For once, I am doing what I want to do.

Then I suddenly found myself being tugged over Ollie until I was laying on top of him and looking down at him as he looked up at me with a grin on his face.

Since this was not something I am familiar with, I found myself pushing myself up until I was sitting up on him with my knees next to his hips. Not only was I in unfamiliar territory, I was also feeling very uncomfortable and to be honest, damn bashful. This was so not like me. It really wasn't.

Dropping my head down, I couldn't help but cover my face with my elbows covering my breasts.

" How embarrassing." I muttered.

" Hey. What's wrong?" He whispered. Or more like, spoke in a low voice as he pulled my hands away from my red face as he gently clamped hold of my wrists.

" Don't look at me." I squeaked feeling myself warm up all over.

" Well, that is going to be hard since you are gorgeous." He then said with an amused voice.

" Excuse me? Are you blind? Look at me. I am covered in scars, freckles and wrinkles." I snapped at him along with giving him a glare.

" And, I like looking at each and every one of them." He said with a smile. His hands were resting on the top of my thighs gently rubbing them.

I couldn't help but look at him when he smiles. His eyes light up. In fact, his whole face lights us. I think that is what I noticed about him every time he came around. When he smiled, it was like the whole room lit up. I couldn't help but slowly smile back at him.

Then he moved to sit up which caused me to jostle a bit with how he was moving the two of us. I grabbed hold of his shoulders when he moved like that and then I felt his arms wrapped around my waist as he just looked up at me since I was sitting up a little higher than he was.

It also didn't escape my notice that there was something else moving beneath me. I couldn't help but squirm a little which caused his little friend to start poking at me.

This is certainly a situation I am unfamiliar with and don't know what to do. But Ollie did and he showed me just how much fun we can have alone together.

It was a couple of hours before we were both sitting at the dining table again and having a coffee and a couple of sandwiches I ordered up through room service.

I couldn't hardly look at him because I was feeling so shy after doing it with him. He just smiled at me the whole time. So, I just started talking. I would talk about anything when I get nervous after being in a situation. In this case, I was telling him about the new office we were going to open up in Kerrville.

" Mum would like that. She is always advocating for having services come to our town and help the locals.

" I will have to start with bringing my own people in to get it up and running. But I want to hire local people to support the local need. So, it will also mean advertising for applicants who have the skills needed. We can also offer a few apprenticeships if necessary. I will talk to Deb about what she knows. She might have some contacts I might be able to use." I prattled on and on.

We were talking about some of the things we have had to do where work is involved when I heard the front door beep to let us know that someone was about to walk in.

I looked up at the clock on the wall and saw that it was after four thirty so I would imagine that it might be the boys back.

" That was so not fun." I can hear Jasper grumble as he came inside the suite.

" Yes, it was. We had fun. Didn't we Zav?" Bryce asked my brother.

I had told Ollie about how Xavier's parents split up with mother stopping by and dumping him with my grandparents much like she dumped me as well on them. We had been laying in bed entwines with each other and talking about the past.

Ollie helps his father a lot on the ranch and was hoping to take over int he next few years.

" My parents are getting on in years now." He said with this smirk. 

I just laughed at him since I can not see his father standing down and handing over the reigns of the ranch anytime soon. They were obviously still very hale and hearty. Very fit and healthy is what I noticed about them the moment I saw them. They both act at least two decades younger than they actually are.

Ollie mentioned that he does some engineering work with local builders to keep himself occupied. He doesn't need to actually work. But it gives himself a break from the ranch and trying to ride rough shod over his aging father.

" You mean, you mother encouraged you to get yourself something else to do before your father took the pellet gun and shot you for interfering?" I asked him. I had heard his mother mention something like it after I first met her. I didn't know she was talking about Doug's cousin at the time.

Anyway, the boys all came inside and started telling me about the museums they had gone to and a few of the historical sights. They didn't even bat an eyelid as they all brushed past us stopping only to give me a kiss on the cheek as the brushed passed along with a wave to Ollie.

It was like they always thought the bigger man was always around the place.

" I guess I better go, then." Ollie said as he started to climb to his feet. I got to mine as well.

I looked back into the hall to where I could hear the boys and glanced back at Ollie and smiled.

After sneaking a kiss from him, I watched as he walked down the corridor and waited for the lift. He looked back at smiled and with a last wave, he stepped inside and the doors shut on me seeing him lean back against the wall of the lift.

I smiled as I turned away as well.

" What's this?" I heard Xavier ask as he looked down at something sticking out from under the couch. I was still smiling. But lost it when I saw what he was talking about.

" I dropped the washing earlier this morning. I guess I must have missed that." I said as I stepped forward and grabbed the bra that was laying on the floor and sticking out.

I calmly grabbed it and kept walking off away from my brother who was still frowning. I thought i did a very good job of cleaning everything up. Obviously not.

But I will make sure next time not to leave anything laying around.

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