Timing Part 26

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3rd May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

" All right, Douggy, what is it this time?" I asked him in a bored voice as I crossed my arms and leaned back against the door behind me while I watched him look around before bring those eyes of his back to me.

Seeing him standing there outside our suite was a bit of a shock. But then if I remembered rightly, Doug did use to do some surprising shit when we were younger.

I sighed as I looked up at him. I do have to admit that my son are going to look really handsome when they get older. The genes they have inherited from their father and grandfather will ensure they do.

At one time, I thought the best thing about him was his eyes. I liked them. I still do. Not that I have thought about them after all this time has passed. But that's about the only thing I like about him. Or his looks which our sons have inherited. I liked those. But...

I had to like them because to feel any different meant that I would have to hate him and I couldn't do that. He gave me two of the best things I have ever received in my life. Our two sons. I can't hate him for that because it would have meant hating my boys.

So, I relegated Douglas Warrendine into the realms of the back burner. He was always going to be there. Just not as important to me.  But after everything, he was still my sons father regardless of how the twit has or had acted. Even if I didn't know he was alive.

And to be honest, I was still feeling ticked about that.

" Why didn't you come back and tell me that you didn't want anything to do with the boys? You could have still did that. I wouldn't have been so upset at finding out that you lied to me all those years ago." I muttered as I pushed myself off the door and made my way back across the room to finish making myself a coffee. I grabbed another cup down off the shelf and also made him one as I thought he would want it. 

Not that I really cared. He was just going to get it any damn way I was going to give it too him. Which was, at the moment, black with two sugars.

I motioned for him to take a seat at the table which I was going to do and waited until we were both sitting before saying anything.

" I was a scared kid at the time, Rene. I had no idea what to think or even do when you told me you were pregnant. So, I went and spoke to mother." he started to say. Not that it really mattered to me. But if he needed to get it off his chest and explain, I won't say no to hearing whatever he wants to say.

I just waved my hand to him to continue while sipping my coffee. After he took a sip of his own and then look down into his cup with a funny sort of look before looking back up at me, he started speaking again.

" I didn't know what mother was going to do or did. I just know that she had me sign some papers her and Busby, our lawyer put in front of me. Mother told me she was sending me out to stay with my fathers family for a while and before I knew it, the we all moved out to San Antonio for good. I never heard or saw anything about you again after that. I did ask her if she had heard anything from you. But she said you cut all contact with us." He was mumbling on about what he went through at the time.

" She told me you were dead, Douglas. DEAD. I was so sad to hear that and sad that our baby would not ever get to know you. How did you think I felt when I found out that you were in fact, alive and living very happily somewhere else and not once called or wrote to me asking about the boys? I was pissed. I still am." I said with tears that moistened my eyes. I tilted my head back and blinked a few times so they didn't fall. By the time I had control and dropped my face to look at him, I was still angry and he knew it.

" Why did you only want the boys for a few months, Doug? What was it that made you only want to know them for that short of a time?" I demanded of him as I allowed some of the anger to seep out through my tone of voice. I had also clasped my hands tightly around my mug just in case I wanted to reach out and snot him a good one.

" It was a stupid business opportunity that came up. But the other company were all for families. If we had kids, it would have ensured that we got the contract." He mumbled.

" Excuse me? You just did not say you were going to use our sons for a damn business venture? Did you lose your balls along with your wits, Douglas? I think you must have." I snarled at him when I thought of him just wanting to know the boys if it meant he could gain something business wise.

" I was an idiot." He muttered without looking at me.

" You are right. You are an idiot. Did you know that when the boys found out that you were alive and had been to visit me back home, they were pissed. Last night, when we finally came back here and were talking about what happened yesterday at the fundraiser, they were all for burning your house down just to let you know that they can be an idiot like you can. Like you have been and like you obviously are." I went on to say to him leaning forward a little to stare him right int he eye when I spoke.

He just sat there for a moment without saying anything.

" What are they like?" He quietly asked me after several moments.

" They are like you used to be. But they have their Pa to help restrain them when they think they can do what they think they can when they can't. Plus I have to ride them occasionally when they go off wild like you used to." I had to chuckle when I remembered just how much the boys actually were like their father. And like my grandfather thrown into the mix.

" I'm sorry, Doreene. I really am." He mumbled with a sad look on his face.

" Do you and Sybil have kids?" I asked him after I thought about him and my sister.

" No. She had an accident a couple of years ago and had to have a hysterectomy. Finding out that I have kids with you is not easy on her at the moment." He sadly went on to say which I suppose I could understand. Sort of, anyway.

" I'm sorry about that too." I said to him with a small yet sad smile. I have a client who went through the same thing. She became very bitter with life and everyone in it. She's coming good now that she is working through the whole process. Keeping herself busy is also helping.

Doug asked if he could officially meet the boys and I said to him that I would have to ask them first. By law, they might be young enough to go before a custody hearing should Doug decide to go down that route. But I told him to be prepared for hell if he does. My sons are not very forgiving when one of us is hurt and my boys are very protective of me and their grandparents.

Anyway, I said that I will call Doug later that evening and let him know what the boys said. We can go from there. He must have only been gone for a couple of minutes when there was another knock on the door.

" What did you forget this time?" I said as I swung the door open. Only to come up short when I saw that it was not Doug standing there looking at me this time.

A moment later, his arms were around me as he lifted me up to reach my mouth which he was now slanting his mouth over and thoroughly kissing. Tasting his tongue as it was forcing an entry, I couldn't stop the sensations I was now feeling. His arms tightened around me and I couldn't help but lift my legs and wrap them around him where I crossed them behind him pulling him close to me.

It would have been difficult but my skirt slid right up when I did that and he had full access to the warmth he could feel emanating from me. Which he took full advantage of. Only because I let him.

I don't know when the door shut behind us with both of us groping at each other in a bit of a frenzy.

Everything moved hard and fast after that which left us both panting as we lay among the tangled sheets of my bed I pointed him in the direction of a few moments after he pulled back from the kiss to look at me. I had thought deeply about this should anything happen if the opportunity came up.

I guess the opportunity came up.

" Damn." Olliver Winton said as he panted slowly now after trying to calm himself down. He slowly rolled himself off me and just lay there on my bed with one arm up under my head and resting his other hand on his stomach.

" Yep. Damn." I agreed with him wondering how this is now going to work out.

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