“Maybe we shouldn’t,” her eyes are frightened, but she doesn’t make any movement to leave. “What if we get caught?”

“We won’t,” I promise shaking my head lightly as I lay us both down on the bed. Her arms circle my neck from underneath me. “Johnson’s preparing for tomorrow and Wallace has his crew out in the field. No one will be here for a while.” Moving in slowly, I give her time to move, she doesn’t. Right before our lips connect, I whisper, “No one will know.”

She takes that as her answer because she leans forward pressing her mouth into mine. My hands move so that one’s under her head supporting our weight, the other draws circles on bare-skinned side.

She pulls away to look into my eyes, “Why?”

“Why what?” I give her a look of confusion.

Her cheeks pink before she answers, “Why did you chose me? You could have anyone. Why me?”

The question brings a smile to my lips, “’Cause you’re perfect.”

Without warning, she pulls me down to her and resumes the kiss. I feel her arch her back to press her bare body into mine. My hands move down to her hips and I grind myself closer. I let a noise slip up from my throat causing her to stiffen.

That’s when the least expected thing happens. She pushes on my shoulders and breaks away laughing hysterically.

“I’m so sorry,” she says between breaths putting her arms around her exposed bust. “I just- Oh my God,” the laughing comes back tenfold. She tries to physically stop it by pressing a hand to her mouth. It does little good.

“Cut,” the director yells from beside us. “This is ridiculous, Grace. How many takes are we going to have to go through?”

I sit back on my heels and wrap the blanket around my waist. With sex scenes, although you look completely naked, you’re not. Really damn close, but not completely. All that women wear are ‘pasties’ on their nipples and a larger one over their lower regions. I have what looks kind of like a sock that goes over my boys and main attraction. It’s really uncomfortable; especially so because we’ve only known each other a few days. And let’s not forget that fifty or so people in the room watching.

They like to get nude scenes filmed first in the entire shooting process. I’m not sure the logic behind it, but it sure does cause awkward tension. There are quite a few ‘love making’ moments in this particular movie and they’ve been what we’ve shot from day one. And we only had a few days of running lines prior to.

Once Grace gets over her hysterics, she looks up at me, “I’m so sorry.”

“Am I doing something wrong today? It wasn’t this bad the first few days,” I put my hands to my hips. I really don’t understand. I mean like I said it’s awkward, but we got through it before. I thought it would be better today since we took the time to get to know each other last night after we were released from set.

“No,” she rushes to explain, “it’s just now that we’ve hung out it’s like kissing my brother. All I can think about is when you were telling me how Becca reacted to the marriage license. I can actually see her face.”

In retrospect, it was funny.

I smile at her, but try to be stern, “If we get this done in time, we can get out of here early. And you know that Topher’s coming in tonight.”

“I know,” she holds up her hands. “I know. Okay, let’s do this,” she looks over to the director, “I’m ready.”

Lucy, the director, sighs heavily before returning to her seat and motion for us to get in position.

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