Chapter 10

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Seth woke up abruptly and summoned his scythe, ready to fight. He looked around for any ghouls or enemies but found himself in a room. His body was wrapped in bandages that shined with gold, golden essence emanating from the cloth. Opposite his bed, in a room he did not know was a mirror. His body had returned to normal, no longer skeletal and his core was now covered up with a human-looking chest. He turned and tried to stand from the bed. The door opened and in walked Rex - in suit pants, a white shirt and black suspenders. Unusually, however, his top button was undone. He held a tray of food with a pot of tea and placed it on the table. "How're you feeling?"

Seth had never thought he would ever speak to Rex ever. "I'm fine, I don't feel pain anymore."

"Good, good. Let me change your bandages." Rex said as he gestured for Seth to take a seat. As Rex got down to it, Seth remembered Kat.


"The Slayer? She's fine. So is Maxine, in case you were worried about her too." Rex said in a flat tone, "They're in separate rooms."

"What happened? Did Kat calm down from her flames?"

"Maxine went rogue and attacked the slayer girl. But Nathan and the other slayers ambushed them both and left them to die. Luckily enough Kuro brought them back."

Seth could not believe what he heard. Kat was abandoned by the slayers. Seth tried to stand but Rex forced him down with one hand. The two sat in silence thereafter.

Once Rex had finished he wiped his hands and stood by the door, "Eat up then come to the lounge in fifteen minutes."

Seth walked out of the room and headed to the lounge. He was stuffed from the food and guessed it had essence in it. He walked into the main lounge and found all the reapers there and Kat stood next to Rex - which didn't look good.

"Let's begin the meeting. The first thing I told all of you and for those who've been in The Order longer will remember what myself, Owen and Kuro told you. To always make sure you do not reveal our presence to the mortals! Last night, Maxine encountered a slayer. The fight between them was that of great magnitude. Fortunately, if it wasn't for the barrier, the situation could have been far worse. But there were two humans who managed to survive in the forest who witnessed the entire fight," Rex said and turned on the television which played a broadcast of two teenagers being interviewed about witnessing their friend getting eaten and witness a giant spider. Although it sounded crazy to the reporter, it sure was not amusing to Rex, "Imagine the acolytes watching this. We are on high alert as it is!"

Maxine interrupted, "I wouldn't have to have gone so damn hard if that bitch there didn't decide to attack us!" She turned to Kuro, "Worse yet, where were you when Nathan appeared!? Huh!? So much for a fucking team!"

"Maxine, enough!" Kuro shouted.

"Shut the fuck up, Kuro! Have you really forgotten what slayers did to us? What they did to our son!?" Maxine screamed with tears from her eyes. Kuro remained silent and the whole room became cold. Seth pondered about the two of them having a child. These people really have a deep history. Maxine swore and left the suite without a word. That was the last time Seth would see Maxine for a while. Craig held Lara tightly close to him as he narrowed his eyes towards Kat. Rex sighed and continued.

"Kathryn here, as you all know, is a slayer. However, I spoke to her along with Owen and she sincerely apologises. She's still healing from the effects of Nathan's blade so she needs to avoid conflict at all costs," Rex said. Seth met eyes with Kat and she let out a tiny smile towards him. He grinned widely back at her but noticed the others looking at him and so he just looked at the ground as Rex continued, "We do not do favours for the slayers nor do we show them compassion. True that all of us here have experienced some sort of turmoil from the slayers, however at this point in time Kathryn is neither slayer nor Order. Therefore I will be sending her to the Underworld."

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