The Forbidden God

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(Ash's POV)
The beautiful view from the cliff was nothing compared to what I saw in Aurora. Her hair moved across her pretty face, the light from the Spirits dancing within her mesmerising eyes. "There's no way she's a Demon with such a Angelic face." I thought as a tear fell down her rosy cheek, causing me to freeze on the spot. "Don't cry." I spoke, wiping her tears with my thumb. She awkwardly smiled, pulling a strand of hair behind her ears. "Sorry. It's just so beautiful, that's all."
I stared into her eyes, almost losing track of time. I could get lost in those eyes. "Yeah... beautiful."

My parents would probably have no problem with me having a connection to Aurora. I think they would welcome it considering they are so adamant about my premature marriage. However, there is one thing that just destroy all possibility.

My sister, Lucia.

She was always vigilant around strangers and it's just got worse since the whole DPA situation. Princess Neveni is Lucia's best friend within the royal families. When Prince Kai, her older brother and heir to the Domitian throne, Neveni was distraught. It took a toll of everyone, to be fair.

I wonder where Kai is...

Once all the Sprits rose above the clouds, the light from the platform disappeared and the members of the Garden breathed heavily. It takes so much power to open the sky, let alone call the Gods at the same time. Hardcore stuff.

I looked back at Aurora. She turned to face the temple, her bare arms grazing against mine. "What did you think, Princess?"
"I thought it was... amazing, actually."
I looked back at the male Guardian, silver eyes piercing the night around me. He was looking directly at me, his jaw clamped shut as he moved on his feet. "Looks like someone's jealous..." I thought as I smirked at him with my fangs and orange eyes. "I'll make her mine whether you like it or not."

(Aurora's POV)
The Rebirth was over. Luna was gone, her soul glowing brightly within space. I moved my fingers against each other to distract myself, the weird black light collecting around my darkened fingertips. "I need to see the Spirit God."
"Hey, um... I really need to speak to someone..."
"Who are you talking to?"
"Oh just the Spirit God, that's all."
He paused.
"Okay. Be quick, though. I don't want to hang around with condescending Royals by myself!"
"I won't!" I laughed, walking off with a weird feeling in my stomach. "He always makes my stomach feel strange. What is he doing to me?"

By the time I had reached the Spirit God's chambers, the moon had risen almost parallel to the ground. The grand door had foreign characters marked into the wood, tapestries of unknown deities painted on the long material. "These Gods are not the ones I've seen before. I still need to refresh my scriptures and scroll knowledge."
"It's beautiful, isn't it?"
I turned around to see Lin standing there, a gentle smile on his face. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm just trying to find the Spirit God, that's all."
"Oh, of course. This way." He spoke, white robes dragging along the marble and stone as he guided through the intricate corridors. His hand grazed my lower back as we walked, causing me to arch it slightly. Tingling surged down my body. Embarrassed, I pulled a piece of my hair forward, my eyes managing to catch a glimpse of Lin's mysterious expression.

"We're here, Aurora."
"Thank you."
He dipped low and took my hand to his cheek, his soft lips caressing it gently. "I'm at your service, your Majesty." He spoke, looking up at me with those eyes. "Y-you don't have to call me that, Lin. Just Aurora is fine."
He chuckled under his breath and stood up, taking a step forward so that I could feel his body heat through my Demon senses. "I'm just teasing." He said breathily. With that, he gracefully walked away, leaving me with the door to the Sprit God's chamber door.

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