Chapter 6

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I heaved up the shovel, regretting how much snow I had on it before tossing it aside, panting. The feeling in my muscles of straining being past the point of just painful. The horrible thing about living in the pack house was all the land that surrounded it, so much ground meant a lot of maintenance. And being the children of my father meant that maintenance was mandatory.

All of us were outside with shovels trying to clear the pathways in the forest at the back of the house. Nearly four feet of snow had fallen last night while we were asleep, mom nearly broke the poor door trying to get out of the house. Luckily it managed to stay on its hinges, although one more snowfall and one of the alphas in the house was going to send the door flying into the forest.

Pack members still liked to go for runs despite the weather which meant the pathways needed to be kept clear so they could do so.

"We should all invest in treadmills." I huffed and Nina threw me a sympathetic smile. Despite the fact that Nina had insisted I should stay inside and let the others shovel I had been the one to say I wanted to help, and now I was paying the price. It felt like my arms were going to fall off, and my nose was so cold it might have actually fallen off and I wouldn't have noticed.

"Pari go inside if you want to baby." My mom said, somehow looking as perfect as ever despite shovelling snow which was up to her waist. Not a silky hair out of place.

"This is good exercise." My dad said and for just a second I wanted to throw my shovel at him. My eye twitched as I resisted the urge, choosing instead to continue shovelling snow.

"We're almost done, Pari why don't you go move everyone's cars back into the driveway." My mother suggested and I nodded, removing my mittens to head inside to grab all of our keys.

All of us together had pushed all the cars out of the driveway to shovel the snow up there, and then headed around the house to shovel the snow on the nearest pathways without moving them back in. The trails were too thin for the large snow blowers we had.

I walked through the house to the little table that stood near the door, on it in a little leaf shaped bowl all the keys were. I grabbed them up, putting them in my pocket and heading out. Yanking my hat a bit lower since it had started to slip back. The little pom poms that hung off of it swaying around in the wind as I opened up the front door to step out, careful not to open it too wide since I was afraid it might actually fall off. 

My eyes widened as I glanced up only to look straight into dark grey eyes. A small smile bloomed on the face of the owner of the eyes. The dark grey seeming to soften with the effects of the smile.

He looked part of a painting standing there in his black coat, dark jeans and black shoes in contrast to everything else being covered with a thick layer of white snow.

Cheeks flushed with the cold, pinkened right at the very tops of his cheekbone, nose slightly reddened right at the tip. Mouth having gone a deeper pink due to the cold. My eyes trailed down to see his large hands stuffed into his pockets. He wasn't even wearing gloves. Grabbing him by the arm I pulled him in. The man coming along without resistance.

My mind only catching up with my actions as the man finally spoke up, my face heating up despite how cold it was. I blushed red in embarrassment at having manhandled the Alpha into my home.

"Hello Parisa." Alpha Mrow said quietly, not seeming at all perturbed by my manhandling. I yanked my hand away immediately mumbling apologies under my breath.

"It's just it's very cold out there, and you don't have gloves on or a hat, like mine. Or not like mine considering I've never seen an alpha in pom poms. I didn't want you to freeze, I don't even know how long you've been out there but you've gone a little pink so I'm guessing it's been a while. We've been around the back so we didn't hear. We weren't doing it on purpose, I promise. Also hello Alpha Mrow." I finished off, unable to stop my mouth from running, my face heating up as I realized not only had I grabbed the Alpha but also rambled like an idiot.

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