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Circling around one another, Kateth held the point of his sword towards Jahki's as both of their eyes locked with one another. Jahki's steps were careful, cautious even, as he circled around Kateth. Within an instance, Jahki sprung forward, his sword clashing against Kateth's.

Kateth stepped back, locking his foot on the ground to keep him steady. Jahki lunged forward again, his sword bouncing off of Kateth's sword, then coming back around for another hit. With the second hit, Kateth fell backwards the ground, his sword falling out of his hand.

Jahki stopped, straightening his dark cloak. He ran a hand through his long blond hair, "You need to learn to hit. Blocking others hits will only save you from being killed for a short period of time." He offered a hand to him.

Kateth took it and jumped to his feet. He might have always been a good fighter, but weapons were never his thing.

"The Sentinels can only protect you from so much. You need to learn to fight with a weapon, my friend." Jahki said.

"I know," Kateth brushed the dirt from his pants as he looked back to Jahki. 

"I'm thinking of asking Lady Delphia to send for an Archer of Tilwood to help train you better. They are some of the greatest warriors in the four kingdoms and can train you better than any Enchanter ever could." Jahki said as he sheathed his sword at his side.

Kateth stepped over and picked up his own sword, then sheathed it at his side. "Whatever you think will be best." He looked back to Jahki, but cocked his head to one side.

Jahki's eyes narrowed towards him, watching him carefully.

The courtyard made of both marble and stone was illuminated by the rays of the midday sun as visions of a forest flickered into his eyesight. In front of him, as if he were there himself, stood two silhouettes of humans standing next to what looked like a horse.

And then it vanished and he saw Lord Jahki's face again, only this time it was twisted in confusion. 

Jahki stood there silently for a moment, his eyes watching Kateth carefully. "Haven't seen you make that face in ages, Keeper." He said, Kateth immediately noticing what he had called him. Normally Jahki called him by name, but when he called him Keeper it only reminded him of the weight that he held on his shoulders from being the Keeper of Sentinels. "What was it?"

Kateth walked past him, his lips parting in his own confusion. "A Sentinel is awake." He walked towards the gates of the courtyard before turning to look back to Jahki. "And I didn't wake him."

Lord Jahki shifted in his stance before sprinting to Kateth's side. "So?" He said matching his pace. "Can't they wake on their own?"

Kateth shoved the two oak doors open that lead to a separate courtyard. "Yes." He stepped through, Jahki following closely at his side. "Relatively, anyways."

Jahki scratched his head.

"They only wake up on their own when they sense something." He shook his head. He hadn't sensed what the Sentinel sensed, so what could have possibly woke him?

"What woke this one?"

"I'm not sure," Kateth answered. "but he's cornered two people and called for me." They crossed the courtyard and entered the open doors of the stables, the smells of the horses almost too potent. "I've got to get there before he kills two innocent souls."

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