Let me go

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"It's not true"
"But I'm not lying mamas"
"Brandon don't call me that" her tears pour down her cheek

I go to wipe them away
"Billie that's not me!"
"So who the fuck is that then? Same tattoo on the side of their fucking head too!" She starts pounding on my chest

"Brandon I hate you"
"Why couldn't you have at least fucking told me!?!" She start to hyperventilate whilst looking at me in my face
"DUDE what do you want me to say oh it's me sorry, THAT ISN'T FUCKING ME!"
"I can't lie he looks like me in every way but mama that's not me"
I say trying to make eye contact but she wouldn't look at me

"I'm done" Billie says with a shaky voice
"What?" I whisper about to cry
"What do you mean we're DONE?" I started scrunched my face
"Brandon I've been hurt so many times and this has to be the worst." She looks down

"I tried to act like every thing was cool but it wasn't"
"It only makes sense I was on tour and we had so many problems"
I just stood there I was filled with mixed emotions
"And I just came to realization that I can't do this anymore" she smiles with hurt looking up at me
"Billie I-"
"Brandon I love you with all my heart but you really fucking hurt me" she says looking down

All I kept thinking about was how the photo wasn't me. I would never cheat on Billie. What reason would I need to do that?
I was mad because she wouldn't let me talk and  it wasn't me I was upset because I lost my best friend, my soul mate to what? Something I didn't do.

"Billie I love you" I start to tear even more
"If you love me" she looks up at my eyes grabbing my face

"Let me go" she let's go and leaves my hotel room

I just stand there and start to cry.
"ITS NOT ME!" I yelled
I was filled with anger
I punch the wall next to me
"Why the fuck did I have to meet you?" I cried out
I sat against the wall

She was my drug I couldn't live with out her I was also depressed but Billie was the light to my word. The only reason why I was moving on from things In The past


I go down to the front lobby and check out
I walk to my car and sit there without putting the keys in.
I slam against my steering wheel
" FUCK!" I yell
I can't breathe and I can't stop thinking, what do I do now?

*Ding ding*

Finneas: what the fuck is wrong with you?
Finneas: how could you do that?

I didn't know what to reply with so I didn't say anything. How could I do something and not remember doing so?


2 months later
I started smoking weed again hoping it would help and it kinda did but it didn't at the same time

"You okay man?" Gawa asks
"I think so" I replied but looked out the window right after
"I just wanna know why you did it?" Gawa says

"You know what Gawa I don't know why I did it because If I tell you the truth it's not like you're gonna believe me"

"Imma listen anyways"
"Nigga I don't remember kissing another girl and I mean that."
"There's no reason for me to anyways Billie is perfect, so that's not me man it really isn't"

"So you think-" Gawa tries to speak
"I don't know what I think" I start to get irritated
"Maybe someone was acting like me or something? I don't know?"
"That could make sense because there was this trend where people pretend to be a celebrity someone once did it to Travis Scott And Justin Bieber"

"I don't know" I just wanted to drown
" shit has been rough"
"I've been getting death threats from her fans people harassing me and I've lost a lot of people"
"I don't blame them though, but I already have enough shit that I'm going through"
I started to vent

"She did push me away while on tour and she was so broken and I couldn't understand why"

"A week before she came home she said we had a lot to talk about, a lot that's been on her mind but she never told me"

"I've never had such strong feeling for someone" I tear up
"The last thing she ever said to me was if you love me let me go"
"How can those word sound so beautiful but sad at the same time"

"Wait.. she wrote that in a song recently"
"Oh really?" I asked with no emotion
"Yeah it's called lol limbo she sang it at a concert recently I'm pretty sure it's unreleased"
"That's cool I guess"
"But Brandon somethings aren't meant to be don't hold on to this to long it's only gonna hurt you"

"What would happen if I could prove it wasn't me?" I look at Gawa
"I don't know Que"
" I really don't know..."

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