Chapter 39 (Edited)

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"No!" Laura screamed, as the body of the young female fell on the ground, before the five frozen figures. Tears streamed down her face as she tried to pull away from David. "Eira!" she yelled.

"Laura, stop," David yelled, reaching dim ears. "She's gone. You can't bring her back."

Laura turned into David's chest and started to cry. "I-I should've told her sooner," she said, sobbing her broken heart out. "I should've told her sooner. She wouldn't be dead if..." Her voice trailed off, as she cried.

David held onto the weeping female and looked at Bane. He could feel the hatred for him, and he didn't know what to do. However, he didn't say anything as the other male laughed.

Bane laughed, as the female cried into the other male's chest. He ignored the boy that was trembling with anger. "And that is why you don't face me," he sneered. "You end up dead."

"Go to Hell," David said through gritted teeth. He wouldn't say it out loud, but he cared about the flaming cold female as if she his own daughter. Somehow, during this trip, she had won his way into his heart, again. Eira was that girl. And, he had this fear that he wouldn't like the way she turned out with amnesia. However, she turned into someone that he didn't think would be possible. Even without her memory, she was still stubborn and tried to do what was right.

Bane sneered. "I am from there. I don't have to go to the Dark Lands. They come to me."

"Actually," a female said. "You are going to go to Sinthazar and tell Garthieous that you have failed."

David and the rest of the group turned to look to see where Eira had been laying down. Instead of a girl in jeans and a shirt, with black hair and blue eyes, they found a girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes, a crown on her head, and wearing a dress. The female was holding a staff and there on her neck, there was her stone. He didn't know how she got it, but he knew that she was really dangerous with it.

Bane's jaw dropped, as he looked at the female, his niece. He quickly recovered and narrowed his eyes. "You," he hissed.


Ask me how I survived, I would not be able to tell you. It's not that I'm not allowed to, I would still do it. It's because that I didn't even understand what had happened to me.

I mean, one minute, I was just floating around in nothingness and then I was pulled back into my body, finally being able to remember everything from my past and collecting my stone.

The only difference was that I had a staff, and I think it was called, Lene Soron, or The Light Stopper. It was supposed to be a powerful staff, but I need to look up the information, again.

Anyways, here I am, standing in front of my family, wearing a dress and highly pissed at my so called uncle.

I remembered everything, that had happened. There was this point where he wanted me to follow him, even though my parents told me to stay in my room. He had told me that my parents had told him to collect me, because there had been a great battle going on. The next point was when he tried to kill me in the first place, letting someone else do the dirty work.

Eh hum. Back to story before I go on a long rant about everything that had happened.

Anyways, Bane looked at me, stunned, before he quickly recovered and narrowed his eyes. "You," he hissed, menacingly.

I shrugged, indifferently. "Me," I replied, slamming my staff into the ground, before walking over to him." Come on, Uncle, and face me, yourself. Stop having your minions do your dirty work. Or, have you learned from your lesson a long time ago?" I tapped my chin and looked at him, narrowing my eyes. "If I remember correctly, it was you who got me out of the castle. You almost got me killed, by one of your friends as you stabbed me in the back. Well, guess what? I didn't die then, and I didn't die now. Face me with just fists or be prepared to be sent back to Sinthazar with a long scar."

Bane barked out laughing. "Oh if you weren't the Prophecy Child, then Garth could use you. We would rule the worlds."

I barked out laughing. "Oh, I wouldn't go against my family or friends. Not even given a lot of power." I paused, as I stood in front of the throne. "I am not like you, and I will never be like you. You are just a Pussy Cat, hiding behind a greater power."

Bane snarled and slapped me across the cheek, making my head jerk back.

I had bitten my cheek, where he had slapped me. I could feel blood going into my mouth, and I didn't care.

I grinned and spat at him, hitting him right between the eyes, with the blood collected from my mouth. "You hit like a girl," I taunted.

Bane snarled and shoved me back, using his powers. "I can hurt you worse than that," he snarled, narrowing his eyes.

I smirked, as I stopped myself from moving. "So can I, Uncle. So can I. And, since you started playing with powers first..." I clenched my hands and made a sword of ice. "Then let's see who will win."

Bane smirked, as he made a staff out of dark matter. "Your funeral." He leapt up and took a swipe at me with his staff. His eyes glowed like onyxs, and he looked like he wanted to kill me, again.

I sneered, blocking his blow, before taking a swipe at his legs. I could feel the hatred, fueling my anger. "I all ready died."

"Well, stay dead then," Bane snarled, as he faked a swipe to the right, before hitting me on my left side, making me yell out in pain.

I blindly hit him in the chest, before I shoved him back away from me. I could feel the that the spear had poison, and that it was now in my bloodstream.

I hissed and started to attack him hard, not caring that I might not live during this. All I knew was that, I couldn't let him win. I couldn't let him take me down, without him coming down with me.

Bane blocked a couple of my swings, but I got most of my hits on him. He did hit me a couple of times, with his fists, but he didn't hit me with his staff, again.

I could feel myself slowing down, as the poison started to work its way towards my heart. I knew I could use this to my advantage, so I did. I started to slow my movement down, sometimes having myself wide open.

Bane sneered, seeing me slow down. "I see that it is working," he said, so he started to attack me harder than he had been.

I moved "slowly" out of his way, letting his staff again hit me in the side. I cried out in pain, as I took my sword and slammed into his side.

He didn't see me take my dagger and cut his staff, since he was so focused on trying not to get hurt by my sword, which was stupid. He should've been aware of his surroundings and not just on one part.

I snarled, shoving him back and away from me. I created ice on his feet, making him stay in his same spot. I was breathing heavy, but I still held on, knowing that I need to be stronger.

Both of us looked at each other, assessing each other's wounds and the damage we had made. Bane didn't have a weapon on him, while I had two. However, both of us were breathing hard.

I spat on the ground and walked over to him. "Let me give you a reminder on why you should not mess with me," I said, gritting my teeth together. I took my dagger and created a long scar on his cheek before leaning close to him. "Now, I'm going to freeze you, so you will be a good boy and stay right here until I get the others, so we can actually kill you." I started to do just that.

Bane laughed, as a dark void opened up behind him, and he was sucked through. The blast shot us back, while it closed behind him. The Walkers were, also, taken back to wherever they came from.

I groaned in pain, as I hit the back of my head on the wall, but I stayed standing. "Freaking idiot," I said, before I was crushed into a bone crushing hug.

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