Chapter 38 (Edited)

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The first thing that I had noticed, when I followed David into the area was the coldness of the place. And, I thought Alaska was cold. The second, was that it was beautiful.

"Dang," I muttered under my breath, as I looked around. Everything was... beautiful. There were flowers everywhere, and they moved as if there was a wind blowing.

I moved out farther, so that Ralph and Laura could follow me. Again, I paused and looked around.

We were in some type meadow, filled with Anamara Flowers in it. The blue and purple seemed to glow, as bright as the Sun. The Sun had been reflected off of the dew, making it look like that

In the distance, on a far off mountain, there stood a castle, looming in the distance. It looked... scary and not something that I had seen in my dreams.

"It changed, I know," Laura said looking at the castle. She sighed and squeezed my shoulder. "Come on, we should get going."

I nodded and hid a flinch of surprise, as she had touched me, breaking me from my thoughts. "Hopefully, they will be all right," I muttered, as I followed her in the direction of the castle.

❄ ❄ ❄

After what felt like hours, we reached the castle. It was huge and had many windows that didn't let any sunlight in. The whole place was locked up, and it looked like that no one would be able to get into the castle.

"Uhhhh, how are we supposed to get in there?" I asked, frowning. "The windows are too high.

"You," Laura replied. "Put your hand on the gate."

I gave her a look that says she's crazy. I mean, she couldn't possibly think that I could open the heavy door. I mean, I have trouble picking up 50lbs, let alone something over 100lbs.

Laura sighed, impatiently. "You're the Princess. Your blood is in the door. If you touch the door, then it'll open."

I sighed and nodded my head. I hoped that this will work. If it didn't, then I would be the laughing stock of all of Angesia.

I reached out and touched the door, gasping, as something pricked my skin. It took a little bit of my blood and then the mechanic lock, in the door started to click away, opening the door to show us the main gathering area, where a throne stood in the middle of it.

On the throne, sat the man that had caused me all the pain, my Uncle, Bane. He lifted his head, and his black eyes stared into my blue ones, a sneer on his face. "Welcome, home, Niece," he said. "Too bad you won't live for long."

❄ ❄ ❄

I raised an eyebrow and looked at him, my whole body, tensing. I guess I just should throw all caution to the wind. I wasn't sure how I would be able defeat him without my stone. I shrugged my shoulder and stuffed my hands into my back pockets, as I looked at him. "Guess not, but I'll take you down with me," I replied, sounding bored.

"Eira, what are you doing?" David hissed, as Walkers started to circle us.

"Wingin' it," I replied, shooting a smirk in his direction. "Isn't that what Princess's do if they don't know something?"

That shut Dvid up and made the others chuckle. "If you get killed..." he muttered, under his breath.

"You are not in the position to be talking, Niece," he said, as the W's surrounded us.

"Neither are you," I retorted, folding my arms across my chest, when I walked forward. "You lost the Gods and Goddesses favor, Uncle. You messed with the wrong female. You took something that didn't belong to you. And, made my life a living hell."

The air, around us, grew colder as my anger spiked. My whole body shook, when I glared at him. He messed with me, and he shouldn't have. That made him my enemy.

Bane barked out laughing, as he looked me up and down. "Says the child who doesn't know her past and will never know her future." He signalled the W's to take me out, causing me to laugh.

"They won't work the way you want them to, you know," I said, with a sneer. I really was enjoying this bad ass attitude. Is that bad?

Bane raised an eyebrow, glaring at me. "And how can you be sure about that, Girlie?"

I smirked, taking another step forward. "Because, some attacked me in Seattle, and they didn't bring me here."

For a flicker of a second, fear and doubt crossed his black eyes, before he narrowed them. "Oh, and what if I do this?" He created a black orb of nothingness and looked to the right of him.

I looked to the right and stifled a gasp as I saw five people, standing close together. Three of them were the family that took me in, and two of them looked vaguely familiar, as if I had a distant dream about them every so often.

My fists clenched, when I turned to look at Bane. Anger made my body shudder, and the room started to get colder. "Let. Them. Go. Now," I said, warning laced through my tone.

"As you wish, Princess," he said, with a mock bow. He shot the black orb at them.

"No!" I screamed, as I ran at them, trying to get to the ball before it gets to them.

Everything seemed to go into slow motion, as I leapt towards the ball. I could dimly hear Laura screaming, as she tried to get to me. However, David and Ralph were holding her back as I made my way towards the group of frozen people.

Bane was standing on the throne, laughing his head off. I knew that he thought that this was going to too easy. However, he might not be so right. I didn't care because, I knew that I had to save those people.

The five figures seemed only to move their faces, as they saw me trying to outrun the ball. Two of the faces, the faces I think that are my real parents, seemed to begging me to stop. However, I did not. I couldn't let them die.

I jumped in front of the black orb, letting it hit me directly in the chest. I fell into complete and total darkness, knowing that my time was up.

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