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the car ride there was silent but chase was next to me holding my hand. I got a call and I let go of his hand to see who it was. It was a random number so I answered in case it was an emergency
(K is Kylie)
(O is other person)
K- hello?
O- you little bitch
I felt a knot in my stomach and I figured out it was my mom from I guess her jail number
K- leave me alone
O- I never loved you and nobody does
Chase could hear the conversation because she was screaming so he took the phone out of my hands
C- listen this is chase Kylie's...
He paused and I hoped he would say boyfriend
C- friend and I love her I love her so much and you never did. If you don't love her then stop calling her.
He hung up and placed the phone in his pocket.
"Chase I'm sorry" I said with one tear going down my eye" he put his hand on my thigh "why are you sorry princess?" I shrugged "don't be. Lets go and stay off our phones for a little while and focus on each other and...." he paused as the Uber stopped
I got out and said "and what?" He smiled and screamed "SHOPPINGGGGGG" which made me laugh like crazy and I was stumping back and fourth while walking and so was he but then I tripped on my shoe and chase caught me "you good?" He asked with a smirk. "Ahahaha yea" I said still unable to speak clearly "okayyy let's gooo eat then we can go shoppinggggg" we walked into the restaurant we were about to order

*skip to end of eating Bc I can*

"What store do you wanna go to first?" Chase asked
"Hmmm I don't care where ever you wanna go is fine" chase rolled his eyes "pick oneeeee" he said poking the sides of my waist. I giggled "okay okay"
"Ummm" I paused "let's just go into all the stores we like" "fineee" we walked around for a really long time

"Let's try on cloths" Chase excitingly said as we entered a store "okkk" I sa
We tried  on so many cloths and I made a pile of ones I liked and didn't like. Chase found a lot of things but didn't like them. I don't know why he hated them he looked fine as fuckk in them
"Kylie how does this look" I turned around and saw him wearing black jeans and a striped black shirt
"Oooo I like that you look so cute" I mentally slapped myself after I realized what I said "thanks. So do you" He smirked at me. I blushed and closed the changing room door. "Did you find anything you liked?" Chase asked outside of the door "yea but it's okay but I don't need it" Chase quickly said in a cute and kind way "yea you do and you know it." He sounded so Sincere "you deserve nothing but the best. You were treated like shit your whole life and nobody even knew." I didn't respond. I just opened the changing room door and gave him a big hug. He put his arms around me and was hovering over me. "I'm here for you always kylie" I wasn't really in the mood to cry or be sad so I pulled away and smiled "this stall smells bad" I said out of a random
Chase bursted into laughter and so did I. "Okay well let go to checkout" he took my hand and we went to checkout

I started to inhale and exhale really loud "hey are you okay?" Chase asked "um ye- yea I just feel so bad you're spending too much on me I can just stop by my house and pick up cloths" chase rolled his eyes and smiled a little "okay yea we can stop by ur house but I'm still Getting you some things." I nodded and waited till he was done.

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