Chapter 32 (Edited)

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Bane lifted his head, as the room seemed to slow down a little. His breath was foggy, and he didn't know why. All the Angesian people's houses made it so that it wouldn't get cold enough for them to notice. This means that their breath didn't fog up like it would outside. "What just happened?" he asked, no one in particular. He glanced around silently and his eyes landed on his brother and sister-in-law. "Do you know what happened, Frozen Face?" he sneered.

"Mmph," the King replied, as he tried to break free from the fold of time.

"Your powers over time are weakening," a raspy, female, voice said making, Bane lift his head and look around.

"Yes, it is weakening. We can feel them warming up. Over time, they will be able to get free, and you will lose your position as the King of Angesia," another agreed, this time male.

There were three cackles as three... people came into Bane's view. They wouldn't be called people, because they moved so slowly and seemed to sway, as if the wind will blow them over. Their robes didn't touch the ground, and it seemed as if they were floating on the wind.

"And you are?" Bane sneered. "How did you get in here?"

"We live in the folds of time. We're sure that you've heard of the Ancients. Have you not?" the female asked, swaying towards him.

"The Ancients," Bane muttered, under his breath and for the first time in years, he felt afraid. The Ancients always came in threes, and most of the times, if they came, then there was a death warrant for you. "You are not here to kill me?" he sneered.

The Ancients chuckled, shaking their head in unison. "Oh no, that is not for us to do. But, we are warning you that Garthieous won't be able to stop her." The male smirked, as Bane's face seemed to fall. "We fear nothing, and soon, she won't fear anything either. That is one thing you'll see. But, the warrant has been set out. You will perish at the hand of the girl."

Bane sneered, covering the worry that he was feeling. "Of course, I will," he said, sarcastically. "Garth will be there for me, and she will be dead before the year is up."

The Ancients chuckled again and their faces turned into a sneer. "That is what you think. You don't know her power." With that they disappeared, leaving an awestruck Bane.

"All of you find her and kill her!" Bane yelled, getting to his senses. "Now!" He sat down and narrowed his eyes at his brother. "So you think that she will win. You are wrong, Brother."

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