Chapter 20 (Edited)

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I stared at her in surprise. Her words echoed in my brain, making my heart start to pound a little faster than before.

Cold sweat broke onto my forehead and started to form small balls of ice, as my body temperature started to drop. Fear coursed through my veins, as I stared at her, mouth agape.

"You are the Prophecy Child," Katie replied again.

I shook my head, no. "You have the wrong person," I said, surprised that my voice didn't shake. "I-I'm not a leader or anything like that. I'm a just a teenage girl who likes to be a wallflower."


"No," I snapped looking at her, straight in the eye. "I am not this "Prophecy Child" because-"

"They're going to kill them, you know," Katie said, interrupting me.

I stared at her, my face void of any emotion. "Who?" I asked, preparing myself for the worst. "Who's going to kill who?"

I had guessed that it might be both pair of my parents and whomever was still at Angesia. If I didn't do this, then... I'll have nothing left.

Katie seemed to grow older before my eyes. Actually, it might just be her eyes that seemed to grow older.

Pain, fear, grief, anger, and maybe a little bit of hurt, filled her eyes as she looked at me. "Everyone," she said. "Bane has the power and the potential to kill everyone." She gestured around the box, maybe including the different dimensions of the world. "All this... will cease to exist."

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