A Witch in Pokémon - Season 1; Chapter 12

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Bloom and her pokemon were currently outside in a field of grass—the witch had found passing by—and were currently picnicking. After Bloom was finished filling up her belly, she brushed her Sylveon's coat as the Fairy Type, along with the rest of the pokemon, as they ate their food and they relax under the sun. The Intertwining Pokemon was very much enjoying it, making the witch can't help but giggle.

Lucario was about to eat his pokepuff when he caught a pokemon peeking from a nearby rock but when the pokemon in question noticed Lucario had discovered it, the pokemon recoiled and hid back.

Bloom noticed Lucario's strange behavior and asked, "What's wrong?"

"We have company," Lucario pointed out with a glare, slowly forming a battle stance in case whatever was hiding behind the rock decides to attack them.

Bloom focused her eyesight in the direction of where Lucario was facing and she indeed, did see a pokemon peeking from behind the rock. "Not good, it's a Mankey!"

[Mankey, a Pig Monkey Pokémon of the Fighting Type. Known for its superior footwork, it packs a powerful punch]

Bloom hadn't strayed her eyes from the Mankey as it peeked from behind the rock again as it looked at Lucario's last pokepuff. Mankey held Lucario's observant gaze for a minute before unexpectedly swiftly taking his dessert before heading back over to the rock and devouring it with a content smile on its face.

Bloom sweatdropped, 'Looks like he was just hungry.'

Her thoughts were interrupted by a menacing aura leaking from Lucario. Sylveon and Luxray who was closest to the Fighting and Steel Type backed away from the said pokemon. "That pokepuff was mine, you hooligan!"


Before Bloom could calm Lucario's anger, Luxray was already activating his Thunderbolt attack on the unsuspecting Pig Monkey Pokemon. Bloom's eyes widened, "W-Wait! Luxray, don't—" 

It was too late as the Thunderbolt made contact, "Do that..." Bloom finished pitifully, her face loses its color just as an expression of horror seemed etched onto her face.

Mankey attempted to throw what's left of the remains of the pokepuff in Lucario's face but the Aura Pokemon easily dodged the leftover, resulting in the Pig Monkey Pokemon's rage increasing even more. The Mankey hopped off of the rock, clearly pissed off.

Bloom got up slowly, getting her pokemon's attention. "I suggest we leave right away."

Most of her team agreed except Luxray. "Luxray, where there's one Mankey, there would definitely be several packs—maybe even hordes—of other Mankeys and Primeapes closeby. And despite us being strong, even we won't be able to handle their numbers."

Bloom returned her Milotic, before she and her legged pokemon ran away(Or in Latios' case, flew away) from the enraged pokemon as she rummaged her duffle. Thankfully she had one last pokepuff left. 'Hopefully, it'll ignore us and eat this rice ball!'

She threw it at the angered Mankey but it smashed the dessert with its fist.

"He smashed it!" Bloom exclaimed in shock. She was confident that the pokepuff would be able to soothe his anger, but it seems that the pokemon was too consumed in its anger.

Bloom was too busy that she didn't notice the lump on the ground ahead of her, resulting in her tripping and falling to the ground.






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