Chapter 11 (Edited)

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I couldn't help it, I screamed as I saw... it. Now, this wasn't your normal pain scream, it was your fear scream, the bloodiest of bloody murders scream, that could break glass (even though the glass in the window didn't break... yet.)

The... thing looked like it was supposed to be human, but it was dead. Only tufts of hair was on it's head, and I couldn't tell if it was female or male. It wreaked of dead fish, and it's skin looked oily. It had no teeth except for a few, and seemed to walk in this slow motion type movement.

Where the nose should've been, there was this gaping hole and two slits above it. Maybe it was Voldemort in another life?

Oh no! I thought to myself. The zombie apocalypse has officially started with this creature. I screamed again, as it looked at me with lifeless eyes and started to reach towards me, grinning.

I shot an arrow at it, aiming for it's neck, before my courage failed me and I ran, straight towards the window, since it was blocking the door. Even though it slowed a little bit down with an arrow in it's throat, it was still moving towards me.

I grabbed my backpack on my way out and jumped at the glass, covering my head.

Crash! Glass splattered everywhere as I jumped from the window and some of it cutting into my flesh. I winced in pain but quickly tucked myself into a small ball and landed on my back.

I gasped for breath, as air was rushed out of my lungs by the sudden impact on the hard ground. I quickly got onto my feet and ran, making sure that all my arrows, except for the one that was in that zombie's throat, were still in  my quiver.

I ignored the pain in my shoulder as I ran, a car screeching besides me and the face of Ralph looking out. I could tell that he was afraid, his deep, green eyes shining brightly because of it. "Get in!" he exclaimed. "Before the Walker comes out!"

I didn't need to be told twice and dived into the car, as Mr. Matthews burnt some rubber, screeching away from my house. I slammed the door shut and winced a little at my shoulders.

"Why the hell didn't you listen to us?!" Ms. Brooks exclaimed looking back at us. "You could've been killed!"

"Haven't you heard?" I asked, shooting for sarcasm as I tried to take off my shirt, so I could get the glass off. "I'm a daredevil child, that's why I usually end up with bruises and broken bones. Now, can you please use that magical whatever stuff on my shoulder? And take the glass out?"

Ralph bit back a snort of laughter as he did what I said. "Sorry," he said apologetically, as I cried out a little in pain. "This piece is big."

"Did the Walker touch you?" Ms. Brooks asked looking, back at me.

"The what?" I asked wincing a little as Ralph took another piece of glass out of my shoulder. I clenched my taken off shirt in my hand and closed my eyes a little because of the pain.

"The Walker," Ms. Brooks said, rather impatiently. "That zombie looking creature?"

"Oh you mean the one that smelt like dead fish?" I asked, as Ralph rubbed the stuff on my shoulders. "No, I shot it with an arrow at it's throat." He still rubbed my shoulders, and I moved a little from him, finally getting self-conscious that I was half naked.

"Sorry," Ralph said and scooted a little away from me. I didn't need to look at him to see that he was blushing, as I unzipped my bag and pulled out a clean shirt.

"Yes, that smelly fishy thing," Ms. Brooks said. "And when did you learn how to shoot a bow and arrow?" she asked.

"Don't know," I replied, placing my shirt on, hiding back a wince. "And is that a zombie?"

"No," Mr. Matthews said. "A zombie would be much easier to kill and wouldn't have the slits above the nose. Also, the touch of a zombie wouldn't be like the touch of a Walker."

"What would the touch of the Walker be like?" I asked, knowing that curiosity might get me killed one day. Hey, I survived a long time with it, so what is another curious antic be like without it?

Mr. Matthews looked up at me. His deep gray eyes filled with grief and pain. "You don't want to know," he said, his voice maybe on the verge of tears. "Trust me when I say that."

I nodded my head silently and leaned my head on the window, as I watched the world fly by. Two questions kept popping in my brain and I had to frown a little.

The first question was, what was so bad about a Walker's touch, that it would make a grown man almost on the verge of tears?

And the other was, where the hell were we going?

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