Chapter 9 (Edited)

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I got out of the van to the unyielding protests of Mr. Matthews and Ms. Brooks. I gritted my teeth together, as I closed the door and walked towards the house, fiddling with my bandages.

Somehow, during the ride home, my wounds stopped hurting and all that was left was this prickling sensation, as if a scab was all ready forming, even though it had been like a couple of minutes. Don't take off bandages, I thought, gritting my teeth to the sudden urge of scratching at my scabs.

A sense of dread fell upon me as I started to walk up the steps towards the house, that  I had lived in. My feet seemed to become sluggish and the 2 minute walk towards the door, seemed to take 30 minutes. Please, let them just be out, I begged silently to any God that was out there. Please.

I frowned a little as I saw that the door was cracked open, as if someone was in a hurry to get out or to get in. My heart thundered in my chest, as I slowly pushed the door open, dreading what I would see inside. The door creaked a little, reminding me of a haunted house in one of those movies.

My frown deepened as I slowly peeked my head into the door, not seeing any signs of a struggle in the living room.

"Mom?" I called out as I made way into the house, my body tensing at the deathly silence. "Dad? Janet? Anyone home?" I asked hoping that I would get some answer like 'yes, do you want a sandwich or something?'. However, I knew that I wouldn't be getting it, as I made my way silently into the kitchen, my breath too loud for this silence.

❄ ❄ ❄

I didn't know why I pulled out a steak knife as soon as I walked into the kitchen, but I did. The feeling of something dangerous in my hand, seemed to keep the spookiness of the house back some, but it didn't really work that well.

"Mom?" I called again, wishing that I would get an answer from her. I dreading that I would be getting an answer that wasn't her, but it was someone else. I started to walk up the stairs taking it slowly and not my normal two steps at one time.

Dread settled deeper into my bones, as I walked through the deathly quiet house. There usually was some some noise in this house. Right now, it just seemed as if it was a deserted place and not a home that has a bright, shiny look to it.

I pushed open my shared bedroom and bit back a scream of terror, as I saw that the whole room was messed up as if a tornado hit in here and no where else.

Tears streamed down my face, as I fell to my knees. "No," I whispered, hoarsely. "Please, why them? Why them?" I sobbed as I clutched my head with the hand that wasn't holding the knife. "They're all I got left, that I care about," I whimpered softly.

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