Chapter 2 (Edited)

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"You are late," our teacher, Ms. Brooks, said, as I walked into the door. "Detention, today after school, Eira."

I bowed my head and gritted my teeth, trying to keep myself from back talking. I knew that it was a bad idea and it would lead me to another detention.

"She wasn't-"

"Come on, let's get to our seats," I said, cutting Janet off and pulling her away from our teacher.

"Why did you not tell her you weren't late?" she hissed. "You came in after me and the bell hasn't even rung yet."

"It doesn't matter. If she wants me to be in detention, then she can put me into detention. I can't do anything to stop her. 'Sides, if I do try to stop her, or tell her she's wrong, then she'll give me another detention. That had happened once before. Remember?"

"Why not, though? I mean, that was kind of rude for her saying that you were late. You weren't. And, I remember." There was an annoyed huff, as her bangs fell into her eyes.

I closed my eyes and sighed. "She hates me," I said, sitting down in my seat, close to the back of the room. It was by a window, and I loved looking outside it. "You know that."

She sighed and plopped into the seat behind me. "Well, what is the reason that she hates you so much?"

I shrugged and placed my head on my desk. I didn't know. If I was a mind reader, then I would be able to tell. However, I wasn't and I couldn't help but wish that I did have that power.

"Sit up, Miss Jones, or do you want to have another detention with me?" Ms. Brooks asked, standing in the front. "Class, we have a new student. This is Ralph Derickson. He moved here from New Jersey."

I sat up and glared at her. I didn't like to be called out like that. She knew that, but she did it, anyways.

I looked at the new boy. He stood at around 6'2 and was skinny as a stick. He had eyes that were the color of moss and then short, black hair. He had that baby face, and it made me wonder how many girls tried to get to him.

I couldn't stop looking at him. Something... something about the way he looked and moved reminded me of... something I couldn't put my finger on. I knew that it had to do with my past, but I didn't know how to call those memories forward.

He stared at into my pale, blue eyes and smirked a little as I looked away, quickly.

My heart thudded in my chest, making it hard to get air through my lungs. I didn't know what was happening to me, but I felt as if I couldn't breathe. I felt as if I knew him, and I so badly wanted to remember.

"Slow down there, Eira," Janet whispered, close to my ear. "Breathe."

I don't think she understood, I couldn't breathe right now, even if I wanted to. That boy was making me feel like this, and I hated it. I clenched my hands together, trying to get them to stop shaking.

"Hi, my name is Raphael," he said, still looking at me, a grin on his face. "But I go by Ralph."

Ya, have everyone look at me, I thought, sulkily. I tried to hide in my seat, wanting to get away from the number of eyes. I didn't like attention, so me doing a play, it took a lot of nerves. However, they were desperate, and I did know all the lines, so I did it.

"Hey look, Snowy is getting paler than usual," the all time bully, Matthew Johnson, said. He pointed at me, causing everyone, except for Janet and the new kid, to laugh.

"Settle down class," Ms. Brooks, snapped, silencing the laughter. She stared hard at me, and I started to squirm under her gaze. I could tell that she blamed me for the disruption of her class.

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