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Have you ever wondered if you were far greater than how you appear to be? Have you ever wondered if there was a different life waiting for you? A life that was so unlike your own, but you were pulled out of it because of an evil warlock wanted to destroy your whole family or kingdom? Well, that is what happened to Eira Jones.

Meet Eira Jones, 18 years of age, and a Senior in high school and isn't anything special. However, that is a life, because she is the Princess of a world that is not like Earth.

Does she remember it though? Nope. Why? She's suffering from amnesia and doesn't remember anything about her past or the powers that she posses. The only thing that she knows is that she is a freak that controls ice.

However, when a boy comes back into her life and an insane person captures her parents, Eira is forced to go back into a past that she doesn't remember.

With the help of a boy that makes Eira want to remember her past really bad, a pretending mean teacher, and an annoying older male, Eira learns about herself and finds out that she is not what she seems to be.


A/N: I know, it sucks. I'm not good at these things. v.v Just give the book a chance. You won't regret it. Also, all rights reserved. And, I came up with this before the whole 'Frozen' thing, so don't complain.

A/N: P.S.  I will give ya'll a dedication on a chapter. There are multiple ways to get it. One, is to make me a cover if you want to. I'll dedicate a chapter or something to you. Or comment on a chapter. That will also give you a dedication. That is the only two ways for dedications. Thanks, Rissa. One more thing, you'll see this probably every 5, 15 etc chapters. I'm trying to make sure that people does see this message. Chao. :P

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