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Dante's pov:
I fucked I fucked up I kept on repeating in my head. I'm so stupid I really am. I started to cry, Richard and Michael asked why was I crying.
"I just fucked up everything with Yn"-I said putting my head in my knees.
"What did you do?"-Michael asked
"I called Yn a player"-I said
"Why?"-Richard asked
"Cause you know how she called Michael cute, I got mad and stuff cause I think I'm starting to develop feelings for yn "-I said
"Bro you fucked up really bad, Yn likes you it's noticeable"-Richard said
"Really"-I said
"Yeah, tell me if Yn isn't into you, she wouldn't have gotten mad when you kissed Nicole or when she doesn't laugh that hard when you joke, or smiles when you talking or walk in a room"-Michael said
I put my head up and started to smile, and got my phone out. I started to text her.
She's a bad guy...duh 🥵
                  Hey, Yn I'm really sorry on what I said, I
                  actually am, I just got upset that you called      
                  Michael cute.
                                                                        Read * time*
I put my phone away, great I just ruined everything, the only chance I could of told Yn how I felt. I was about to cry but then remembered Michael and Richard are here so they're going to ask what's wrong again and I don't feel like talking so I kept it in.
Yn's pov
I got really mad what Dante said. I left the gc because of the thing he said. I literally almost threw my phone across lilia's room. Iris and lilia asked what's wrong. I told them everything on what Dante said. They got mad as well. Ughh Dante is such a ughh 🤬. Us three just started to rewatch stranger things until I got a text from Dante. Ugh what does he want now. I opened the message he sent me, wow, I- , does Dante like me? I question, that whole night I couldn't stop thinking he does or not. I stayed up thinking of it and of him. I don't know what to do. I text Eden and tj

🍒: guys guys
🍓🌶: yes?
🍒: umm so you know how Dante called me a player and stuff, so he texted me saying he was sorry and that he got upset but why would he be upset?
🌶: he probably likes you!
🍓: he probably does!!
🍒: you guys think so?
🍓: we know so
🍒: okay thanks guys I love you 💛
🍓🌶: we love you toooo 💗

I got my phone and was about to text Dante but he's probably sleeping so I told my self I was going to text him tomorrow on the morning.

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