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Everyone was up except Y/n and Captain. They were being total buzzkills. It's been 1,000(what felt like 5)years since they've been married, and now that they have two annoying ass kids they think they should sleep. I know I'm immortal, but Y/n might even try to find a way to kill me if I wake her up. And Captain, even though he's still sleep, wont let go of Y/n. So I asked Elizabeth and she went. She immediately got thrown back downstairs, and Y/n was walking downstairs. She stared at everyone with red eyed, tired,lazy,but extremely angry glare. "How dare you wake me up."she muttered. I laughed, because she looked drunk. Her glare was fixed on me. "You Baka. No ale for a month. And I'll make sure if it. Try me."she says. She walked back upstairs, supposedly to sleep again. I tried to grab a bottle of ale, but I felt a small jolt in my leg. "Ankle shock bracelet bitch."I heard Y/n say, I looked up to see Y/n floating in front of me. "Try again."

I reached for it but kept getting stopped. "YOU GOTTA REACH LIKE JERICHO DEPENDS ON IT BAN!"she yelled. Jericho blushed. "You surely wouldn't want your baby girl to ya know, die?"She smiles. "Don't touch her."I say.

"I won't. I have a man of my own."

"She isn't a man!"

"I have a man and you have a cross dresser. Keep crossdresser and lose the ale."she smirked. I can't win this battle. I rolled my eyes and sat beside Jericho again. "Awww. Ban and his lover Crossdresser."Y/n laughed. "Cut it out Y/n."Captain said as he walked downstairs. "Hm? No. I don't want to."She says. "Obey."he says. "Opposite Day. I will do what you say."she says. "Don't do what I said."he says, playing along. "I will."She says. "Mommy!"the twins yelled as they ran into the tavern. Captain and Y/n turned. "3.....2..."she muttered. "1..."he muttered "Twins!"they yelled. Weird ass parents.

The girl twin who they named Thaniel.

(Dedicated to Eliza in the chat who would ship Daniel and Thomas💕 NO

And the boy they named Nathaniel.

Y/n held Thaniel as Nathaniel ran to captain. For 1,000 year olds they are smartasses. "Aunty Merlin took us to go get some candy! And we got food for dinner. She said that it would help Uncle Ban with the dinner." Thaniel said. "That's good! Don't eat all the candy in one day, or you'll get sick!"

EAT YOUR SCHOOL! "I shouted.

"Most importantly, learn not to be like your drunk uncle. "Y/n said, glaring at me.

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