42. Little Secrets

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She then took off her boxing gloves slowly and held them in her hand, she shook them a little in contemplation, before throwing that straight at me, it bounced off my chest and hit the floor.

"Why the fuck are you here?!" She yelled and threw another glove at me, causing it to hit the side of my face.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I yelled back and picked up both gloves and threw them back at her. She dodged them both and stormed towards me.

"You don't get to come here and question me! Go back to your stupid fucking Pack!" She yelled as she stood a meter from me.

"Look I know you're still pissed but we've got to move on from this! I've apologised! I don't know what else to do!"

"You know what you could do, you could leave and not come back! I don't need this right now, I've already got so much shit to take in, I don't need this to add to it!" She yelled and pushed me backwards forcefully.

I stumbled backwards and quickly regained my balance.

"Hit me one more time Sierra.." I warned as I tried to contain my anger.

"Oh what are you going to do?" She laughed and pushed my left shoulder backwards.

My wolf took over and I grabbed her arm and pushed her away in response and she looked shocked by my actions.

In a second she lunged at me and threw herself over me. I fell to the ground and she held my head between her arms. It all happened so quick that I hadn't noticed that my father was standing at the back door watching us.

"I don't want to fight you Sierra! Get off of me!!" I yelled as I couldn't breathe.

She laughed, "still a weak little rat aren't you!"

I growled and my wolf took over, I punched her in the stomach and she groaned, stumbling backwards. I used this as my chance to kick her knees in, causing her to fall on the ground, her head hitting the wooden floor.

She lifted her head up and blood dropped from her nose.

I gasped and crouched next to her.

"Oh my Goddess, I'm so sorry!" I said offering to help her up. She screamed in rage and yanked my hair from its bun, causing me to fall face planted on the ground. She then flipped on top of me and lifted her arm up to punch me. I squeezed my eyes shut, expecting the blow but nothing came.

When I opened my eyes, she had dropped her fists and her eyes began to tear up.

"You really hurt me Nevaeh." She sobbed, still on top of me, with her knees on both sides of me. I was taken aback by the changed of emotion.

"I didn't ask for this!" I yelled and pushed her off of me. She didn't budge, she held me under her.

"You always had it better than me!" She screamed

"What are you talking about?! You are perfect!" And I didn't think it was a competition!" I yelled and she laughed.

"If I'm so perfect why didn't Alpha Damian choose me?! Why didn't Alpha Cyrus stay with me?!" She yelled and squeezed her legs,causing me to get squished under her weight.

"I'm really sorry Sierra. But you can't blame me for all of that. Those men just don't deserve you." I said softer. "Look, I would have never done this if Cyrus and I weren't True Mates." I confessed.

"True what?" She sobbed and rolled off of me. I lifted myself up and crossed my legs on the ground.

"True Mates."

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