Chapter 1: First Meeting

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Yay, yet ANOTHER book :D Its a Naruto fanfic xD And for once, I don't feel like giving a bio :D

I will give ages though so... Kyoko is 12, Kakashi, Obito, and Rin are 12.

Annnnnd... the Third Great Ninja War is... two months away :D

So, yeah, here you go~


I smiled softly at the gates of Konoha; I only just arrived from my hell hole of a home. Briefly brushing my fingers over my stomach, I took a deep breath before heading on into the gates. I was greeted by two gate keepers who asked who I was and what my business there was for.

After I summarized my reason, they took me to the Third Hokage. A distant "Come in," was heard inside the large double doors of the Hokage tower. The guard walked me inside before he was dismissed by an old looking man.

"And who might you be?" He croaked, his voice soft yet hard at the same time.

"Kyoko Huna and I come from the Mist Village in search of a new home." I smiled happily at him. I may have come from a blood thirsty village, but that doesn't mean I can't be happy.

"From the Mist, hm?" He mused. I gave a quick nod before he continued. "Why would you transfer villages?"

"Mainly because I didn't like that we had to kill our comrades." I explained as quick as I could, not wanting to waste his time.

"I see. If you could have a seat, we can start with a few questions and you should be good to go." He smiled warmly and pointed to one of the seats in front of his desk.

I walked a bit forward and sat down in it, moving my electric blue hair out of my face. I tilted my head slightly to the side in question as he pulled out a few papers and began to ask questions.

"Full name?"

"Kyoko Huna."

"Ninja or not?"



"Jounin." He gave me a confused look at that, but wrote it down nonetheless.



"Roommate or no?"

I had to take a second to answer this. "Roommate."

He wrote it down before frowning. "Unfortunately, I did not realize we have no rooms available, so you get your own room. " I gave a small frown but nodded anyway. "Here is your new key and where you need to meet your new team today. Goodbye, Mrs. Huna." He smiled again, and I returned it before leaving and heading towards the designated destination.

Jamming the small key into the hole, I let myself in and looked around. It was a plain apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room; each their own special designs though. I walked into the kitchen and saw that there were tile floors, a cream/white wallpaper that covered the entire house, some counters, a fridge, and some cabinets.

Walking into one of the bedrooms, I claimed it as mine instantly. It was huge; and by huge, I mean huge. There was a king size bed with a giant dresser on one side of the room with a small bedside table next to the bed. I set my pack down and began to unpack.

Shoving my few outfits in one of the drawers, I sighed in happiness at the complete room. I didn't have much, of course, but it was good enough. Looking at the paper the Hokage had given me, I looked at the time I had to meet my new team at. I had to be there in less than 20 minutes, so I went into the bathroom and made myself look nice.

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